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Hey Lemon Drops, I'm so sorry, I've been gone for a long time...I really am. I've been blocked. Its a bit tasking on the mind, trying to stand out in a world where people are virtually doing the same thing.

How To

Types of Friends to Fight for


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how to know a real friend from a fake friend

Hey Lemon Drop, how are you? Hope you're loving and are appreciating yourself fiercely. Sometimes its not just you who is the cause of your own worries.

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Misinformed Feminists


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Hey Lemon Drops, whats up? Its been a while since I did a #POBAL (Perks of being a Loner) write up but trust me ive been observing things and dying to put them in words. Its just sometimes, it gets difficult to actually put in words. Is it just me or have some people totally changed up the meaning of a feminist. Some people think that by being a feminist you are anti-men


My Simple Everday Skincare Routine


I have always wanted to do a beauty post but sometimes I get terrified because technically I'm not a beauty blogger but I love trying new things out and I'm a mini facial guru in my house hold and amongst my course mates


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