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Life Lessons Learned in April


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HEY everyone, I’m so sorry that I left this blog for so long, the thing is a lot has been happening both with school and personal life. Apparently people are not as they seem and some mistakes inflict skin deep scars.

Wednesday Crush

Wednesday Crush #8 ||Bella


Hey Lemon Squad, I'm so excited for this Wednesday Crush... It's a Wednesday late, I know, forgive me but life and school got in the way and my Email box was giving me a headache. I was able to interview Bella of who is an incredible inspiration to young women around by just being herself. She oozes confidence and style effortlessly. Here's how it went down:

chop n squeeze

Misogynist thoughts on Rape


this post is a mixed post. Contains strong language that might be offensive and uncomfortable for the weak hearted. Approach with caution.

The day started of good with good vibes, I was looking forward to classes which is rare. I had given my self the mental motivational talk about how I was going to pay attention in class and take notes, not tweet,


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