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New Plans For 2017


The saying goes “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail” That’s why I’m re-organizing certain things on the blog. I’m not going to be changing a lot of things, more switching things up and re-arranging them also I will be adding more categories to the blog. Who likes the new theme! I almost lost hope when trying to set it up, my baby girl had sent me her old theme (hey Chinenye!!) but the mobile template was not responsive, after praying (never doubt God)

Be Motivated

New Year Resolutions


I'm not one to make new year resolution, but hey, first time for everything, right? Plus I'm beginning to see the benefits of having things mapped out. Also a resolution can somewhat act as a vision board. Also If you have things you would like to change about your style of living then I strongly believe that a new year resolution is necessary.

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Life Lessons Learned


Hey Squad, aren't a member? Join in the fun!!! First off I'm so glad and I appreciate each and every one of you that take time out to check out my blog ,Rt on Twitter, comment, you guys are the best you have no idea how happy I get when I'm on here. Thank you!!

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Wednesday Crush #5


Our Wednesday crush for today has been slaying back to back since I stumbled upon her blog in 2013, she was actually the first Nigerian Blogger besides Linda Ikeji *sigh* 
that I discovered. Her DIY column is so enlightening. I love how she recycles old clothes or her mum's old clothes. Its truly amazing to visit her blog, you feel as though you know her. She is a true fashionista!! I'm referring to none other than 

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Creating Your own Vision Board|| Monday Motivation


On previous monday motivation segments I've highlighted the importance of Responsibility, positive mindset and Procrastination. It seemed only right that I introduce this topic this week. If you want to take your life to the next level,

Dear Boys

Dear Boys || Lesson #2


Dear boys, before I continue check out this joint by my man Kasper with a K! Okay then Heeey,you need to stop this school of thought that because of the modern day idea of equality and feminism rights amongst women that means that guys should stop being guys. For some reason guys of this millennium have disregarded their responsibilities and have allowed women pick it up for them (like we need to worry about you not doing your job) I also blame us girls a little

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Sunshine Blogger Award


You guys guess what happened to me over the past few days? I got nominated for my first blogger award Ever!! Still get butterflies thinking about it.

Thank you so much to the awesome Lemonade Gang

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10 Things Every College Freshman can Relate To


Hey Lemon Squad! Are you a member of the squad? Join in the fun here! How are you all doing! It feels like an eternity since I last posted something even if it was just yesterday! Recently the workload that I've had to deal with has been weighing me down a bit, I've even uttered the words, "What exactly is the point of College?"


The Pressure to Find Love||#POBAL


Currently: I'm lying on the bed hurt cus my friends didn't think to call me so we could go somewhere together and I feel boring. I'm also listening to Jon Bellion, he's so talented this guy.

Im about to get real and talk about me... Pls try not to judge

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Wednesday Crush #4


Hey gang? How's the week going so far? It's Wednesday and as we all know its time for the weekly Wednesday crush although I didn't update this series last week. I'm so sorry, school (with assistance from NEPA) got in the way.

Today's Wednesday Crush is someone I have the opportunity to call my friend, this kid is a mixture of a cool tom cat and a psycho in waiting. From his mannerism and his style its easy to be oblivious to his Art.

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Why there's no one better than you!|| #MondayMotivation


This is actually an old post from my former blog on the importance of being oneself... Well it doesn't seem so at first because I was trying to defend the debate on demanding respect vs demanding attention. They really aren't the same thing by the way but usually they are likened to be the same thing when it's a woman that's concerned. *sigh*
Aiit so lets get into it shall we?

What's the difference between "demanding respect" & "demanding attention" ? Often times

Perks of being a Loner

Learning to overcome my Anxiety||#POBAL4


Hey Lovely people of the internet!! I just thought to let you know that we create our paths through the decisions we take or chances/risks.

I'm one of those teens who think they can handle it all without help, (blame my paranoia) I've never liked to

Perks of being a Loner

Top Ten Songs that help Calm my Anxiety|| #POBAL 3


 We all know Music is a great remedy to a lot of things but here something I wasn’t aware of before: music can help massively with anxiety.
I struggle with some level of anxiety and some days are definitely better than others. This last week has been a bit of a hard time for me

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The Importance of Positive Change|| Monday Motivation


First off I'm sorry if you've had to read this blog with your mobile phone and it wasn't conducive for you. I'm working on it. ASAP.
How was your week? Mine was a week filled with eye opening moments. Firstly, I'm one of those people that believe there is always space for improvements regardless of how old you are. 

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Dear Boys, Lesson 1|| 5 Ways to Win a Girl Over||


I was going to start with my usual preambles but I'm not sure if you guys care to listen.. If your reading this it means you want to get better at getting girls, you want a little insight into the world of girls and how to manoeuvre like a pro.

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A very Random Post


Before we dive in to the post of the day! I need you all to help me with something. I got nominated for an award and I will love it if you all could go vote for me, much love to those who'll  vote me as the most beautiful female freshers category. Here
Now back to the post of the day.

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Wednesday Crush #3


Hello from the other side!! I almost didn't write this post because I have a lot on the table right now. But I was able to still write a draft, edit the pictures and post it. Trying to be consistent.

If you follow me on Twitter you should be conversant with this name as I'm usually RTing her every tweet. Ladies and gentlemen of the Lemonade Society I give you your Wednesday CrushCrush for this week!!!

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Dear boys #1


Remember the Lost Boys from Peter Pan who refused to grow up? Well they've certainly made a mark for themselves as boys everywhere have decided not to grow up; that's why I'm running a Dear boys column

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A Simple Guide on How to be/Stay Positive


Before we start I'm going to tell you about me for a minute. I used to 
have a negative mindset, it was horrible! I couldn't venture any new opportunities without listing out how it would never work. I always thought of the "cannot, if not, I can't" before anything else. I used to think of how it was someone elses fault that a situation went the way it did. I would scream and was defensive towards everyone. My

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What I did this Week and a Special Surprise.


As I'm writing this my friends are dancing and rocking to M-Ryhmes' Welcome to Ghana at two in the morning while I'm flat on my back drafting this post -that's dedication y'all!! This week has been simply wonderful and mind blowing!! Remember my rant on how my college experience wasn't looking up Here, see how I'm making the most out of it.

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Just for you!


Right now I'm recuperating from a sore throat, this always happens to me the minute I'm in school. I'm also meant to be heading to my department to check my time table. I'll go later in tge day, right now I cant even...*insert eye roll emoji*

I've been itching to write this post for the longest time. It's a birthday shoutout to my number one G, my first love, my motivation to keep moving, My realest babe, My bestie!!

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How To Move On To Better Things


Before I start my rambling... How was the weekend? Mine was pretty bland, I missed my baby's birthday party cus I had to be in school on Saturday (Wish him a happy birthday Here) as for my Sunday,

Perks of being a Loner

Currently I am...


After seeing this on both Bella's blog ( and on Ifeoma's blog ( btw after I hit a binge on her blog (finished my data) my fear for Balogun market has been calmed and I'm actually anticipating going back home so I can splurge on a few goodies. Did I mention I'm claustrophobic so Balogun market gives me anxiety and with the people trying to convince you that you need to buy from them. Okay so back to what I was saying "I,m doing my own 'Currently I am' Tag." *Inserts cool emoji with a peace sign*

Alright, let's get to it Currently I am...

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Wednesday Crush #2


Before I start : I didn’t know for sure who was going to be my Wednesday Crush for this week, I wanted it to be a guy but unfortunately I couldn’t come up with a specific one so imagine how anxious I felt. You see I draft Wednesday crush on Tuesday night so I can post it Wednesday Morning. I opened my laptop to watch a video and I immediately knew who my Wednesday Crush would be. Without any Further ado I introduce to you! *Drum Roll*

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Thinking Big-ER


Before I start Happy Birthday to my brother who just turned a year older, jeez I'm getting older but still grateful and looking forward to what the future holds.
Now on to the topic of the day;
 Think big!!
This is a saying I know we are all familiar with, it's also something a great deal of us are a tad bit scared of doing.

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10 Things To do this Weekend



By the time you read this I will be lounging by the pool at my friends birthday party. Which is another thing you could do this weekend.

 In our lives we all have those times where everything can become a little too much for us and we just can't handle it. It could be to do with work, school, friends...

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Wednesday Crush


Currently watching Henry Danger (I refuse to grow!) as I write this. Since this blog is aimed at empowering teenagers I though- or my mom suggested I started a series where I highlight on a young person’s story in order to inspire others. Basically I use their story to inspire you all that you can do whatever it is you want regardless of age,gender, society and/or religion. I’m going to be calling this segment Wednesday Crush as I’ll be posting it up on Wednesdays.

My first post on this segment is kind of personal as I have seen this person grow to be the person she is now and my first Wednesday Crush is *drum Roll* *shekere* *more drum roll*

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My Favourite Bloggers To Follow


Currently I'm angry with a lecturer of mine who obviously set up the whole class. I forgive him though but I can't forget atleast I now have a clear idea of what courses not to take next session. *side eye emoji*
On a lighter note let's discuss my blogger obsessions. Can you guess how excited I am whenever I find a new blog, it's an even cooler feeling when you read other people's thoughts and you can relate so well to them, like "Woah dude!!




Today started out like every other day except at 9 am I was still on my bed and making no plans whatsoever to get up from bed. It’s my birthday today and as much as I wanted it to be really lowkey and have every one around me oblivious to the occassion… that wasn’t going to be the case as my father had organised a family get-together which I was dreading. See mine is no ordinary family


Dealing With LSE



Dealing with LSE is pretty much feels like having a crush on yourself and not being sure if you like yourself back. Here's the sitch; I'm 5'3 arguably a 5'2 if I'm being realistic, I'm super tiny for my age like I don't look anything like someone my age should and this although shouldn't bother me it does.

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Something For You to Ponder Upon


Currently I'm balling my eyes out after watching The Fault in our Stars and wishing on a love story like that. Well not that we die due to cancer but the type were we both know we aren't perfect and are totally content with it-with each other..

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5 Ways To Build your social media stance


If you're a blogger or depend on social hubs to boost your business/brand then you need to know this, how you put your work out there is how it's going to be viewed. So make sure your social pages are in tip top shape. Not sure how?...

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5 Ways To Deal With Anxiety as a Student


There's no better way to get your heart to beat really fast or make your appear thinner than it already is than talk of a test or an examination. We've all been there when faced with examination papers and the questions are staring at you and your staring right back at it. Although you do know the answers fear can't help but creep up into your mind. "I mean come on I know this thing", "I studied last night for this."words we silently whisper to ourselves. But still you draw a Blank or minuscule points you make sense of by adding conjunctions and random words to form a sentence.

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Things To Do During a Break from School


We all know how stressful and time consuming school can get. So I came up with a list of things to do during a break from school. You could add more things in the comments space below. I've done a lot of the things on this list already but you should definitely try them.

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The Lemonade Society


When life gives you lemons, you make a blog.
Regardless of what you think, this name was not inspired by Beyonce's hit single Lemonade. It was inspired by a book. And also a close friend who kept reciting to me "make a lemonade of any situation." Which is her way of saying "When life hands you lemons, make lemonades" Which is the best quote I've heard...ever.


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