The Lemonade Society

When life gives you lemons, you make a blog.
Regardless of what you think, this name was not inspired by Beyonce's hit single Lemonade. It was inspired by a book. And also a close friend who kept reciting to me "make a lemonade of any situation." Which is her way of saying "When life hands you lemons, make lemonades" Which is the best quote I've heard...ever.
While I'm working at being religious and consistent at my blog, I've made a lot of changes in regards to how the blog looks and what it's about. To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing with the old blog. That's why I tagged it "An-Out-of-the -box blog" that wasn't me being original, that was me giving myself the allowance to dabble in numerous topics that where speaking to everyone and no one at the same time. I've learnt that you do need to have a niche, so you have a target audience, it's important to have that, that way you know just what you're doing when you sit at your computer. It's super important. I'm learning this now, after a year and four months blogging, I guess it was due to the fact that I didn't have a specific knowledge of what I was doing. 

But I'm back now and praying to the blog gods for the ability to post when I need to post and not when its convenient so I can make this work. I know someone who used to blog but stopped after she got into college. So trust me I know what its like to check up on a blog for new topics and be disappointed because the blog hasn't been updated. I'm going to work super hard to get rid of procrastinating.

Welcome to the Lemonade Society


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