Perks Of Being A Loner #1

Its been a while!! A lot has happened so I'm just going to give a lowdown off how my life in school has been so far

  • I got accepted to study Music instead of Theater Arts. If you're a Nigerian, you know what this is like. Hopefully I'll switch back to Theater Arts in my second year.
  • Our Initiation into Theater Arts was canceled. I'm going to go into this topic someday and the importance of togetherness and teamwork. 
  • I met a boy -boys actually but one that stood out, actually two. I'll get into the details later.
  • I met some amazing people.
  • I'm a better rapper than a singer. 
  • I have to learn to sing notes, learn two instruments I have absolutely no interest in.... Life handing me lemons. *Sarcastic laugh*
  • Our university is on strike -the thing about Federal universities in Nigeria.
  • That's how clumsy and exciting my first few months in the university has been.
Uni life is super exciting but it's where you get to make decisions for yourself. That's where I come in -to help, that is with decision making. 
That's pretty much my goal with the new blog now, I really wished someone had taken me through what to expect during my first months in school, I didn't get that but then I've learnt from my mistakes so this is me being a big sis. to you all.

  • Ps if you're new at a place ASK questions. Ask superior people, people who can actually help. I kept asking course mates instead of my lecturers and now I get antsy whenever I think of my course and how far behind I am in my school work. But that probably comes from my lack of interest in Music as a course of study. 
Still I'm having the time of my life. 

Ps This post was meant to have gone up some few months ago. Sorry! 
Later lovelies, stay beautiful.

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