Dealing With LSE



Dealing with LSE is pretty much feels like having a crush on yourself and not being sure if you like yourself back. Here's the sitch; I'm 5'3 arguably a 5'2 if I'm being realistic, I'm super tiny for my age like I don't look anything like someone my age should and this although shouldn't bother me it does.

chop n squeeze

Something For You to Ponder Upon


Currently I'm balling my eyes out after watching The Fault in our Stars and wishing on a love story like that. Well not that we die due to cancer but the type were we both know we aren't perfect and are totally content with it-with each other..

chop n squeeze

5 Ways To Build your social media stance


If you're a blogger or depend on social hubs to boost your business/brand then you need to know this, how you put your work out there is how it's going to be viewed. So make sure your social pages are in tip top shape. Not sure how?...


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