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By Anniedora Etiobi - 30.6.16

Currently I'm balling my eyes out after watching The Fault in our Stars and wishing on a love story like that. Well not that we die due to cancer but the type were we both know we aren't perfect and are totally content with it-with each other..

 So ladies and gentlemen of the lemonade squad, it's your pack leader, squad leader, quad father? I don't know but I'm here and I stand tall on this faithful day to tell you; you are more than just a star, you are a galaxy of stars, you are more than a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in one drop. Baby girl or baby boy You are enough! Say it with me "I'm Enough". Never pretend to be who your not to get someone's attention. Truth is they mistake the fake you to be the real you so they aren't really in love with you but an illusion of yourself, pathetic right? Never settle for something or someone because you think that's the love you deserve. His plan for you is that you live up to your full potential. Dream big dreams even though there's a 10% chance of it coming true and watch how happy you become. Don't ever let the harshness of reality get you so weighed down that you forget to feel the rain on your skin, appreciate the sun rays that shine through trees, new sheets...the list goes on cus hunny it's those tiny things that add up to make the big things.
I promise one day someone will notice and he/she will love you the way Kanye loves Kanye and they'll love you for you. Just don't rush it, if I of all people still believe in that type of love it must exist and I want you all to experience that.


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