Today started out like every other day except at 9 am I was still on my bed and making no plans whatsoever to get up from bed. It’s my birthday today and as much as I wanted it to be really lowkey and have every one around me oblivious to the occassion… that wasn’t going to be the case as my father had organised a family get-together which I was dreading. See mine is no ordinary family
, they bicker sometimes and I kind of got nervous that my day would go downhill fast (the thought alone had me up at 2 am wondering the house aimlessly) but God had other plans as the day went from awkward (everyone was either taller than me or my height including my 12 year old cousin) to good to even better. The money that I made today is proof of this.
Now I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday because for one I didn’t feel as though there was much to celebrate. I wasn’t where I hoped I’de be at twenty, I hadn’t done the things I said I would do before twenty, even my style is still a work in progress and I felt there wasn’t much to celebrate but today and thank you Jesus, as I sat there in the room with all my family members laughing and eating their meals my mom had tirelessly put together, I had an epiphany; Family doesn’t care if you’re Bill Gates or you made a million dollar off of inventing something, they don’t care about any unreached goals that you set out for yourself, all they care about is that you are here in that time, alive and well.

 They still see the potential of an even better tomorrow.  I remember telling my cousins I had a blog and they got excited for me, so yeah… felt pretty awesome. I’ve had this bad habit in the past where I distanced myself from family just cus I didn’t want to be caught up in the drama. I hate drama when it involves me but if it’s the Kardashians I’m down. What I’m saying is at the end of the day you need FAMILY.

What I’m trying to say is no matter what it’s the little things that matter. So I’m using this moment to share with you new habits I want to develop for myself
  • Stop complaining and take everything with a pinch of salt
  • Just do it (stop Procrastinating)
  • Look after myself more #SelfLove
  • Work on my style.
  • Learn to love me more.
  • Confidence is sexy.
  • Not everyone will understand you and that’s okay.
  • Setting achievable goals and working towards achieving them.
  • Creating the right amount of balance (I need to learn to say no to some opportunities at times)

P.S: You are never on the wrong path you’re just not managing where you are, you are making choices that are harming you and that’s why you’re hurting. At the end of the day we all are a work in progress. So make the most out of each day.

I hope this little write up brightens you’re day and that you can relate.

Are there anything you need to work on with yourself?


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