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Currently I'm angry with a lecturer of mine who obviously set up the whole class. I forgive him though but I can't forget atleast I now have a clear idea of what courses not to take next session. *side eye emoji*
On a lighter note let's discuss my blogger obsessions. Can you guess how excited I am whenever I find a new blog, it's an even cooler feeling when you read other people's thoughts and you can relate so well to them, like "Woah dude!!
I know what you mean!" I know we've all stumbled across bloggers we could relate to. Here are a list of my fave bloggers right now.

 Annabelle Giwa Amu AKA brownie: I stumbled across Bella's IG earlier this year, actually a screen shot of her brows led me to her IG page and I was hooked on her feeds. I thought I was cured after viewing her feed to the last then I opened her blog page and that was it, I was hooked again.
Bella is not only the brain behind the iambrownie blog, she is also the C.E.O of the browniecakerie, talk about #GirlBoss. I really love her writing style, she documents her adventures, rants reviews, makeup secrets on her Youtube channel. Its soo funny and cute lol. Her hacks are life from beauty hacks to life hacks to natural hair hacks, she's got you covered!
Bella seems to me one of those cool people that you could just easily vibe with,except if I met her my shy ass would probably just blush us into an early grave. I'm rambling now, okay. Anyways do check out her blog, Twitter and her Instagram

Ifeoma Amadi: Ify is an amazing blogger I just recently stumbled across through my IG and snapchat participation of the Desiree Iyama launch . It was actually her Instagram name that drew me to check her blog out. Like ahah which one is Thesvnflwr? It seemed so thought out like something from Tumblr. The first post of hers that I read was the Currently I am and then I read an edition on her tales from the thrift which got me excited to go to Yaba market (did I mention that I hate going to Yaba market) my mom is always trying to convince me to go but mehn after reading about her experience there and seeing the amazing things she got at affordable prices, I'm looking forward to going to Yaba market. My mom is going to be shocked when I propose the thought to her. See ehn my issue with market is deep I don't like when everything is in chaos and over busy and these are two words that describe Yaba market. Enough about Yaba market and back to Ify, I love the meaning of her name btw (Something that is good) see how I used styel to tell you all I understand Igbo. Also her style is amazing too!! Her shopping skills are paying off. Her DIY posts are a must try. From a post I read she actually started blogging a long time ago but just recently found her bearing and created whowhatfab blog which is an amazing name btw. Why don't I think of things like this? Go follow her on Instagram, her blog and her twitter. Her twitter name is also very tumblresque. I'm also hoping that one day as I'm in Balogun market I'll just bump into her.

Cassandra Ikegbune: Please a round of applause for Cassie! *insert applause audio* This chick is just... What adjective would best describe so good but also brtter? Cassie is not only a blogger, she's also a Medical Doctor, Creator of the Cassie Daves Blog Planner, fashion model, award winning blogger as in the list goes on. When I first set eyes on Cassie's blog I loved how consistent she was and how thought out, precise everything was. I also love how she replies to comment and how there's a sense of community going on. It's still paining me that I didn't get my blog planner this year but I'll definitely be getting in on the first stock for next year. For sure, if you are just starting out a blog like yours truly  or you already have one but are inconsistent I would recommend you join the queue like me and get yours next year or this year but I'm not sure if its available for this year, I read on her twitter that she was taking stock for the last set for the year. Maybe I need to man up and send an e-mail to her already. *shy smile*
Cassie's style is so cool and colourful, I just want to go shopping in her closet, but I can't because not only would that be creepy I'm 5'3 *awkward peace sign*
Go check out how amazing she is for yourself on her blog, Instagram and Twitter.

Grace Alex: Grace' sense of style speaks volumes to me. Its a mix of both retro and classic style. I discovered her through a comment she left on Cassie's blog and since then I've been hooked. If you know me you'll know how much I adore old vintage things I just find it hard to express myself though clothes but I'm at a turning point in my life where I'm trying to carve out an identity for myself image wise (that's why my IG is filled with just selfies) so immediately I saw Grace' blog I immediately followed and tagged her my new style inspiration. Her sense of style are goals, I can't help but to screenshot every new outfit I see her in.  Grace is the Creative head of the gafashion sandals and her sandals look so comfortable and stylish at the same time. Grace is another DIY guru, did I mention she creates some of her clothes herself. Amazing right? Check out her blog, Instagram.
Funny thing is I actually discovered Grace' blog before evn Cassie's blog but at the time I was still shaky on the concept of blogging but I remember it was a post on her NYSC.

Margaret Zhang: Magaret can do no wrong by me. I love how she edits her photos and her writing style is just...I dont have any words. I started following Margaret after the first episode of fashion boggers on E! and I;ve been obssessed ever since. For some reason after watching the show she was the only blogger I could relate with I dont know if it had anything to do with the facyt that she liked food or that when she started blogging she literallirly wore most of her brothers clothes. I just love her, it was after seeing her blog and looking at all the work that she put into it myself did I start to get into the whole blogging atmosphere. The fact that she was juggling school, fashion, her career and life was just amazing to me and it spoke volumes of how one could really do anything they put their minds to. Twitter and Instagram

So there you have it! My fave bloggers right now. Do you know any of them and who are your favorite bloggers let me hit them up!

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  1. Thank you so much, this is an honor to be mentioned alongside these other amazing bloggers. I'm running to check out Magarets blog and I don't even like my media names that much, thanks for boasting my confidence in them lol.

    1. Lol what? your media names are amazing! so glad I was able to boost your confidence in them! Thank You for checking the post!

  2. Yo! Margaret Zhang is bae! I love the way she writes too! Her style isn't so relatable to me so I don't really follow her dilligently.
    Thank you for the mention! I still have a few planners left for this year though. Biko send me that email.

    Cassie Daves Blog
    How to figure out and define your personal style

    1. I know right!! I will just waiting on the money but be rest assured I will get one!! I definitely NEED to have one. Thank you for checking out my post.


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