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By Anniedora Etiobi - 25.8.16

Before we dive in to the post of the day! I need you all to help me with something. I got nominated for an award and I will love it if you all could go vote for me, much love to those who'll  vote me as the most beautiful female freshers category. Here
Now back to the post of the day.

 In the bank as she pressed her 34DD breasts against my back, I felt nauseated as various thoughts of how I could escape this ill treatment wandered aimlessly in my head. But alas, there's no way out. To make matters worse, I was on the most annoyingly long queue ever.
You know how horrible queues are in a banking hall especially a day after a public holiday. The security comes around after every two minutes yelling in his igbo mixed English,"Diz lain izz for depozit." Lol.
So I decided to take a look around and write a few words on the various type of people you meet on bank queues;

1The Old Mamas And Papas
They're the set of people (both young and old) who suffer from invisible severe back pain after standing too long (they don't actually feel pain) In this category, you find a fairly older guy or lady telling the person in front od him on the queue, "Please I'm coming, I want to check something there." (While pointing at a non existent object) Then proceeds to seat comfortably while you are on your feet.

2. The loud ones
 These ones ehn... Chaii!! You'll find yourself asking if they swallowed the largest speaker because even their whisper is louder than a chinco phone playing music on the loudest volume. Its utterly annoying when they are on a call. If you ever stand in front of them on the queue they make the wait seem even longer.

3. The JJCs (Johny Just Come)
These people are coming to the bank for the first time. They look around and stand on the wrong queue for almost 10minutes before realising their mistake and leave the queue embarrassed. They're the ones that you'll see asking a local market woman in pure and fluent English "Can you direct me to where the teller is please?" These set will see a stranger if they should put their password on the teller. These ones will want to pay fees and they'll give their money to a total stranger to pay for them not knowing the stranger to pay for them not regarding the fact that said stranger might be fraudulent. My advise to this type is "Better Soji yourself."

4. The aggressive set
They find everything you do annoying and you'll see the countenance on their face. These ones will push you slightly if you're moving too slow on the queue.

5. The annoyed mothers
Imagine being in a banking hall, quiet, peaceful and serene your thoughts are running smoothly then a toddler decides to disrupt the place with her/his ear piercing scream. All eyes focus on the mum expecting her to pacify the child but instead the mum gets angry and frustrated and hits or yells at the child as if that's going to magically stop her from crying. These kind get me upset, like there are other effective ways to raise your child.

6. The impatient ones
They're the ones that'll hear 'Next!' when a customer is still at the desk being attended to. Trust me they don't have any hearing defect. They are just impatient. They're in a hurry to go nowhere in particular.

7. The Besties
They came to the bank with their friends and all they do is laugh and make the line longer cos their friends will then stay on the line and make it longer. They laugh at the silliest things and make you feel some type of way.

This post was compiled by Doyin, a studentof Music at the University of Ibadan, a young entrepreneur Doyin is the creative head at Niyod Beads. Ahe also specialises in turning a plain object to a vamped ankara coated item.

I saw this list and thought of shafing it. Im definitely in the 1st category "the mama and papas" most times I'm also with my earpiece in both ears. Jesus knows I don't like banks, I always gwt the urge to ask the bankers there if they enjoy what they do?

Did you enjoy this post and would you like to see a bit more of it on the blog?

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