Thinking Big-ER

Before I start Happy Birthday to my brother who just turned a year older, jeez I'm getting older but still grateful and looking forward to what the future holds.
Now on to the topic of the day;
 Think big!!
This is a saying I know we are all familiar with, it's also something a great deal of us are a tad bit scared of doing.
It's not that we are scared in the sense that we choose to not think big. It's that most times a great deal of us do not know what we are capable of doing. We don't want to be different from others so we follow the same pattern that have been mapped out for us- no questions asked. Well, let me tell you a little secret "Different is good, its even better being you."
Honestly life is too short to be working hard at being someone your not. Be unapologetically YOU!! 

If you're not sure on who you I have a simple guide to knowing who you are;
Take out a paper and a pen and ask yourself "Who am I?"

Now write down who you know you are (mind you, not who you think) write down your goals, dreams, aspirations and passion. Are you with me? Good!  Next write out your likes and dislikes, your abilities (please be honest and actually write down what you know you can do and not what you think) also your weaknesses.

Now write characteristics of the type of person you'd like to be, link these qualities with the ones you already have and work at the ones you don't have but hope to have. That's for the "Be Better" phase as we all know positive change is good.

Remember, don't let anyone's opinion of you come to your head as you write, this is an exercise for yourself alone. You can get validation by asking a family member to describe you. 

The key to becoming better, is to first know who you are and build on that! Make Lemonade out of every situation you find yourself and see things change for the better!

"You are completely and solely responsible for everything you are and become." - Dr. Dave Martin.

I hope you found this post enlightening? 
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  1. Thinking big to me requires energy. Lol. Especially as our minds tend to oppose it. But then it's keyy.
    Long,Big Feet Palava

    1. It really is key o! I know about that struggle but try its worth it. Thank you for stopping by and reading this.


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