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After seeing this on both Bella's blog ( and on Ifeoma's blog ( btw after I hit a binge on her blog (finished my data) my fear for Balogun market has been calmed and I'm actually anticipating going back home so I can splurge on a few goodies. Did I mention I'm claustrophobic so Balogun market gives me anxiety and with the people trying to convince you that you need to buy from them. Okay so back to what I was saying "I,m doing my own 'Currently I am' Tag." *Inserts cool emoji with a peace sign*

Alright, let's get to it Currently I am...

Wearing:  My python print chiffon top and high waist skinny jeans. My mom loves me in high waist jeans and its really hot out hence the chiffon.

Admiring:  Bella of Ever since I stumbled on Bella's blog through her review on Cassie from I have been hooked. Her style is amazing, I feel like I can relate to everything she says except the boyfriend talk, I dont have one but I just like watching and fantasising what it would be like to have one (a boyfriend). Her YouTube channel! Gosh trust me when i say you cant stop at one especially the Adventures of Bella and Mo series. So good, I kept watching and trying to convince myself "after this one I'll stop but noo, I kept pressing play till my data finished. (In dire need of Wi-fi)

Wishing:  I was in theatre arts department and I didn't return to school so early.

In awe of:  Chidera of, her style is ah-mazing and the fact that she's igbo is a plus to my egotistic side. I get to say " And she's igbo" every time I show someone her Instagram.

Determined to:  Blog frequently come rain come sunshine. Whether I'm high or low. I have posts lined up for you guys can't wait to share. And also I'm determined to keep up and somehow get on the cool Nigerian bloggers train (don't judge me)

Craving:  Coldstone's 'Birthday Cake Remix', Something spicy, seafood and sharwarma as always. Fun fact I used to refer to Coldstone as Corner stone for a whole year even now I have to catch myself and remind myself its cold not corner.

Excited:  To go out with my friend Evelyn, she's taking me out to eat. Yh, my friend is cooler than yours)

Feeling: Annoyed with a certain lecturer who seems to never consider his students. And I'm annoyed I'm at school early. Plus I somewhat feel lonely. *sad face emoji*

Anticipating: Going back home and going to Balogun market to thrift.

Happy about: My blog stats!! You guys are awesome.

Appreciating:  My new loves Ella and Adeola. Thank God for these two who although they tease me about looking ten, are my biggest supporters right now. Even Adeola who at first laughed at my blog and called it 'rubbish' has started to appreciate what I do after visiting my blog that one time. *inserts side eye emoji*

Irritated by:  Small Minded people that pretend they are deep. Like hunny stop!!

Inspired by:  Bella of I need more friend's like her swear down or a friend either way she inspires me.

Planning: To build my Instagram following. So help me God. Amen.

Loving: Bryson Tiller. He's simply amazing!! Listening to him just puts me in a zone. And I'm also loving how the universe has been aligning things to my favor.

Regretting: That I didn't put in work with my practical music courses.

Unsure about: Boys. Such weird creatures.

Reading: That thing around your neck by Chimamanda Adiche. She's an amazing writer. Also check out my friend's post Here. She is also amazing

Listening to: Tory Lanez's 'B.L.O.W'. When ever I listen to Bryson I just have to add Tory to the queue. But best believe I'm binge listening to The Weeknd this night. S/o XO Fans.

I tag:
Chinenye Agbim
Stephanie Garrick

So that's it guys... Me at this moment. If you would like any of your favourite blogger to do a post like this be sure to share it and tag them in it.

Lets keep in Touch

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  1. Haaaha corner stone 😂😂
    Idk if I can come up with all this stuff like you did, but anyways...accepted!


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