Dear boys #1

By Anniedora Etiobi - 22.8.16

Remember the Lost Boys from Peter Pan who refused to grow up? Well they've certainly made a mark for themselves as boys everywhere have decided not to grow up; that's why I'm running a Dear boys column
because as it is in present times, boys have been left to "just be boys" and therefore are not very clear on how to go about life issues like we girls. 
Basically its going to focus on how to get the girl of your dreams (except if she's Rihanna, I cant help) keep the girls, how to behave. The tiny things boys do that are annoying/adorable, pet peeves etc.Stay Tuned.

A lot of bloggers focus more on girls and the female development, my blog is an empowerment blog so who am I to narrow it down to just girls. It wouldn't be a complete society without the boys, now would it? *boys break out in bata dance and ceremonial songs*

There are a thousand and one books on female empowerment, raising the girl child and a great deal of blogs today are still helpong the girl child become a woman but very few are aimed at boys development.

That's where I come in, yes my blog is also an empowerment blog but I didn't want to be selfish that's why im including a Dear Boys category, if I get positive feedback on it I'll keep it going if not I'll end it and leave  the lost boys to their fate. In classic Wendy style.

P.S it's okay to want to hold on to your childish ways but there comes a time when you need to face reality.

Let me know how you feel about this?

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2 Thoughts

  1. This sounds like a perfect idea. In classic Wendy style?? Lool. Hilarious.
    Laitanbee Blog

  2. Lol!! thanks love!! I do hope it does well!
    Pls forward to your guy friends for feed back.


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