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Before I start my rambling... How was the weekend? Mine was pretty bland, I missed my baby's birthday party cus I had to be in school on Saturday (Wish him a happy birthday Here) as for my Sunday,
I watched a movie with a really nice guy. We watched Van Wilder Freshman Year which is a really cool film by the way (who else has seen it?) In the movie there was an excerpt I really liked "A Wilder never quits." Which brings us to today's post (do you like what I did there. From ramblings to the post of the day) I'm awesome, right? Anywho let's Get Started, shall we. The topic of today's monday motivation is
Taking responsibility

It's easy for us to blame someone or something. We blame God, our parents, partners, circumstances instead of realising that we don't owe anyone for our poor decisions. It's important for us to accept the fact that we made a poor decision or took the wrong actions in order to move forward. 
Taking responsibility for yourself means to take ownership of yourself, words and actions. We must pay attention to every aspect of our life that is important to us.
I remember a Madea quote "Your parents job is to bring you into this world whether you live a good life or not it's completely up to you." Which is what she told one of the female prisoners who had blamed her father for being in prison because he wasn't around while she was growing up. 
Come to think of it, isn't it silly when you blame someone other than yourself for your own decisions. This is why I encourage education of the mind. 

Its about time we as individuals started to take responsibility for ourselves, our actions and our words. Remember you are in charge of your own destiny. It's all in your hands, stop feeling the need to put your poor decisions on fate, God, your circumstances. Free your mind from the victim mentality.

How to take responsibility for yourself
Acceptance: By accepting your mistakes you can move forward
Ask: ask yourself, what next? What actions do I need to make this better?
Write it out: write out the pros/advantages and cons/disadvantages of the decision you want to take and how it will either benefit or affect you.

You are never on the wrong path you are just not managing where you are. You are making choices that are harming you, and that's why you are hurting.  -Click to tweet

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