Wednesday Crush #2

Before I start : I didn’t know for sure who was going to be my Wednesday Crush for this week, I wanted it to be a guy but unfortunately I couldn’t come up with a specific one so imagine how anxious I felt. You see I draft Wednesday crush on Tuesday night so I can post it Wednesday Morning. I opened my laptop to watch a video and I immediately knew who my Wednesday Crush would be. Without any Further ado I introduce to you! *Drum Roll*


The first time I ever heard of Suli was in my final year in Secondary School. His video “Why I hate School but love Education” drove home. His video was a real eye opener for me (not because I hated school but because I finally understood why I hated school)
Suli started posting his spoken word videos in 2011 after realizing he didn’t have to wait for a producer to produce his work. He instead started his YouTube Channel and did what he had today, fast forward to present day, Suli has over 200k subscribers and 3.2M views.
Now what makes Suli breaks different from other and why did I find him worthy of the Wednesday crush. Here’s why?

  • Responsibility: If Suli had kept waiting for some producer he would have just been like everyone else. But instead he took responsibility for himself and put out his work on YouTube. Don’t wait for anyone to hand you an opportunity, create one for yourself.

  • Stay True to who you are: If Suli hadn’t stayed true to his words on “I will not let an Exam Decide my fate” He probably would have succumbed to the societies expectation of what his future should be like he would have been a lawyer and he probably wont be our Wednesday Crush.

  • Passion: Suli is passionate about his spoken word poetry, you can tell in the way he relays his poetry in his video. He's not just writing fun poetry, he's making statements.

So yup that’s what makes Suli our Wednesday Crush for this Week.
Remember to make the most out of every situation you find yourself in. Make Lemonade out of unfavorable moments in your life.

Ps If your in London you can sport some tickets for yourself and a friend to go watch him. Or go HERE Also look him up on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

I hope you found this post enlightening? 
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