Wednesday Crush #3

Hello from the other side!! I almost didn't write this post because I have a lot on the table right now. But I was able to still write a draft, edit the pictures and post it. Trying to be consistent.

If you follow me on Twitter you should be conversant with this name as I'm usually RTing her every tweet. Ladies and gentlemen of the Lemonade Society I give you your Wednesday CrushCrush for this week!!!

The Slumflower (Chidera Eggerue)
Chidera is a creative curator for and is also a student at the London College od Fashion. Chidera inspires me on so many levels, at a young age she isn't afraid to follow her passion for fashion and creativity. 
I absolutely love the fact that she isn't afraid and throws all the rules of the Nigerian contemporary fashion school of thought that "fashion should be simple and not experimental." 
Chidera's personality comes through as a larger than life character. I've always wanted to do the type of her hair but I was scared of how people would see me but after a while I overcame this fear and did it anyways. Guess what else, people loved it!

Chidera's blog is focused mostly on empowering teens through random ramblings and tweets. She has been featured in so many fashion magazines and style blogs; Vogue, ASOS, i-D, Lamoda to name a few. She is also an activist.

Chidera aims to teach youngins to stay true to who you are, the fact that she was able to braek the mold of what our Nigerian society expects of a young woman is enough to make her anyone's Wednesday crush. 
Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and her blog.

Pls excuse how horrible this post is, I've been jampacked with school work, will definitely make it up to you guys, I promise!! *scout honor*

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