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Currently watching Henry Danger (I refuse to grow!) as I write this. Since this blog is aimed at empowering teenagers I though- or my mom suggested I started a series where I highlight on a young person’s story in order to inspire others. Basically I use their story to inspire you all that you can do whatever it is you want regardless of age,gender, society and/or religion. I’m going to be calling this segment Wednesday Crush as I’ll be posting it up on Wednesdays.

My first post on this segment is kind of personal as I have seen this person grow to be the person she is now and my first Wednesday Crush is *drum Roll* *shekere* *more drum roll*

Jemima Osauyi Osunde
I and Jemima were actually seat partners in SS2, she was the most annoying girl ever but it was all good fun. Jemima or Jemoi- moi as she’s fondly called by a lot of our set mates, since I first met her in SS1 has always had this confidence you rarely find in most secondary school students at the time or maybe the ones I had come in contact with.
She was voted Social Prefect and honestly she was the best social prefect I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.
I remember after we had written our final exams and we sat down to reminisce on the good times we had shared and life after secondary school. And I remember she actually opened up about her acting goals, which was something she had never really said before. I mean yeah, we kind of assumed that she would at some point go into something in the entertainment section but it was an assumption. I even remember telling my bestie Koffo that Jemima had probably already auditioned for some shows and had probably gotten a role already. So I wasn’t surprised when I saw the trailer for her first feature film Jungle Jewel.
I know I’m probably rambling and you’re waiting for the juicy part of why she’s this week’s Wednesday Crush but Jemima has qualities of a winner that I love.

 Jemima is:
        Independent: Meaning she doesn’t wait on the validation of others to do something.
        Confident: while in school she was usually the first person to take the mic whenever the opportunity presented itself as she was “developing herself” which is code for working on your confidence level. Now the best way to work at confidence is too just do it. I read this cool thing about being brave; It goes to say that the thing about being brave and pretending to be brave is know one knows the difference. So have a go at it.

        Discipline: If Jemima sets her mind to do something she’ll do it. She wanted to stop biting her nails, she did it (which was so funny to watch as she would come to school everyday excited about the progress she was making) A lot of times we tend to procrastinate (especially procrastination) which, is what stunts us from growth and this is an attitude I’m working really hard at getting rid of and you should too.

       Balance: Jemima has somehow managed to create a balance between Med. school, television and her social life. This is actually a manifestation of discipline.
Jemima has and will always continue to inspire me by living fearlessly and being on her grind in a society that is somewhat not favorable to young people and this is why she’s my Wednesday Crush for the week.

Keep up with Jemima on Twitter, Instagram Her SC is also JemimaOsunde.

Who is your Wednesday crush, let me know in the comment box below? And how do you like this post. Please let me know what you think about the segment. Does it get a Yay or a Nay?

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