What I did this Week and a Special Surprise.

By Anniedora Etiobi - 19.8.16

As I'm writing this my friends are dancing and rocking to M-Ryhmes' Welcome to Ghana at two in the morning while I'm flat on my back drafting this post -that's dedication y'all!! This week has been simply wonderful and mind blowing!! Remember my rant on how my college experience wasn't looking up Here, see how I'm making the most out of it.

I discovered I and Ella are probably Soul Sisters! Like we've just been vibing on the same frequency, we have the same taste in guys (not same same but our guys usually have the same qualities) 

I went for my first house party. It wasn't exactly a house, it was a mini flat and it was cool. Games were played (Truth or Dare) Yes, I had a little to drink (don't give me that look, honestly, I hate the taste of anytging that isn't fruity or just plain sweet) and before you hear it from anyone else, nothing exciting happened not even the sloppy wet one I had to endure.

I got cast in a play "Lady in the Chamber" which I will try to do a review on why you need to see it. The rehearsals have been going well, even though I'm left footed and my singing is a bit bleh! I love the fact that I'm opportuned to share the stage with some of the amazing directors, actors (male and female) choreographers... The whole ride has just been Sick!!(that means Awesome)

Remember how I said Ella and I had the same taste in men, well we recently started crushing on the same guy. She crushed on him first but I didn't know he was "The guy"  until I told her I thought "The guy" was actually attractive. It's all good fun, we probably won't like him after two weeks. Especially if he proves to be everything we expected.

We are having our first photoshoot for our blogs; I and Ella's blog. I think you're all going to love the pictures. We will share them on our social media pages and blogs.

We watched Suicide Squad in an almost empty cinema room. We didn't plan on watching Suicide Squad initially but after all the shenanigans we got into before we got to the cinemas, I thought it would be befiting(What? You haven't seen it? Off to the cinema you go then but first finish reading this first and comment)

And now the moment you've all been waiting for we are getting on the YouTube train. We've already locked down our YouTube Channel. We were inspired by DK4L to document our lives, as it is we already crack each other up,so why not share it.

I also want to say "Things may not be looking as great as you envisioned but a little patience, hardwork and positivity goes a long way." 

Ps We= I and Ella 

Lets keep in touch


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