Dear Boys

Dear Boys || Lesson #2


Dear boys, before I continue check out this joint by my man Kasper with a K! Okay then Heeey,you need to stop this school of thought that because of the modern day idea of equality and feminism rights amongst women that means that guys should stop being guys. For some reason guys of this millennium have disregarded their responsibilities and have allowed women pick it up for them (like we need to worry about you not doing your job) I also blame us girls a little

chop n squeeze

Sunshine Blogger Award


You guys guess what happened to me over the past few days? I got nominated for my first blogger award Ever!! Still get butterflies thinking about it.

Thank you so much to the awesome Lemonade Gang

Be Motivated

10 Things Every College Freshman can Relate To


Hey Lemon Squad! Are you a member of the squad? Join in the fun here! How are you all doing! It feels like an eternity since I last posted something even if it was just yesterday! Recently the workload that I've had to deal with has been weighing me down a bit, I've even uttered the words, "What exactly is the point of College?"


The Pressure to Find Love||#POBAL


Currently: I'm lying on the bed hurt cus my friends didn't think to call me so we could go somewhere together and I feel boring. I'm also listening to Jon Bellion, he's so talented this guy.

Im about to get real and talk about me... Pls try not to judge

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Wednesday Crush #4


Hey gang? How's the week going so far? It's Wednesday and as we all know its time for the weekly Wednesday crush although I didn't update this series last week. I'm so sorry, school (with assistance from NEPA) got in the way.

Today's Wednesday Crush is someone I have the opportunity to call my friend, this kid is a mixture of a cool tom cat and a psycho in waiting. From his mannerism and his style its easy to be oblivious to his Art.

Be Motivated

Why there's no one better than you!|| #MondayMotivation


This is actually an old post from my former blog on the importance of being oneself... Well it doesn't seem so at first because I was trying to defend the debate on demanding respect vs demanding attention. They really aren't the same thing by the way but usually they are likened to be the same thing when it's a woman that's concerned. *sigh*
Aiit so lets get into it shall we?

What's the difference between "demanding respect" & "demanding attention" ? Often times

Perks of being a Loner

Learning to overcome my Anxiety||#POBAL4


Hey Lovely people of the internet!! I just thought to let you know that we create our paths through the decisions we take or chances/risks.

I'm one of those teens who think they can handle it all without help, (blame my paranoia) I've never liked to

Perks of being a Loner

Top Ten Songs that help Calm my Anxiety|| #POBAL 3


 We all know Music is a great remedy to a lot of things but here something I wasn’t aware of before: music can help massively with anxiety.
I struggle with some level of anxiety and some days are definitely better than others. This last week has been a bit of a hard time for me


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