Dear Boys || Lesson #2

By Anniedora Etiobi - 30.9.16

Dear boys, before I continue check out this joint by my man Kasper with a K! Okay then Heeey,you need to stop this school of thought that because of the modern day idea of equality and feminism rights amongst women that means that guys should stop being guys. For some reason guys of this millennium have disregarded their responsibilities and have allowed women pick it up for them (like we need to worry about you not doing your job) I also blame us girls a little
bit for allowing guys forget.Men/boys/guys have one role to play;Providers.Here's what guys do and how we let them get away with these things:

First of all, if a guy invites you over to dinner HE should cover your bills. In no way should you pay and girls don't feel guilty about this. You're not a gold digger for making a guy pay for your meal, if you wanted to split a bill and prove to yourself what an independent and strong lady you are, you could just invite your friends over, have a glass of whatever, gossip about the new hot guy in your class! Trust me you'll love it.

Secondly a girl/lady/boss chick shouldn't have to make sacrifices for you to become the man you want to be, unless your a pimp! I'm saying this because of the wierd and silly picture where there's a man carrying a lady who has lost her leg and eyes so he could achieve his goals with the caption "A real woman will sacrifice parts of her to get you where you need to be." Erm... Cough if you are a "man" at all you shouldn't let your woman make those sacrifices for you. Just saying! I'm tired of women thinking they need to walk a thousand miles to prove their places in a relationship. 

Thirdly, and honestly guys this one sucks balls try not to stereotype everygirl you meet. I bet you she's not like your last. JK! that's not it but that's a thing too! Guy's your one job on this earth is to cater for, provide. Im not saying squander your life savings just because you're trying to woo a chick, NO! I'm saying don't get comfortable allowing a girl/lady/woman get your bills. Its honestly not cute!

What are your thoughts on this post? Do you think it was out of context?     

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