Just do it! Stop Procrastinating.

"Procastination is a natural assassin of opportunity and the exact opposite of courage."
This quote is mostly directed at myself, I'm the self proclaimed queen of
procrastination and it has nothing to do with laziness. Well maybe a little.
I was actually reading a book and I saw this quote, the narrative had said this was an advice given to him by a friend. 

The reason I think a lot of people procrastinate can be boiled down to the fact that they are scared. Yes, I said scared not lazy.

Sometimes I get an idea in my head and I convince myself not to carry it out because it's not the right time, I dont have a large following, etc. These are just surface things I tell myself as to why I need to hold back on an idea or the classic, "I'll start later!" Hands up if you've said those words.

I'm learning now that like that quote says procrastination is the natural assassin of opportunity, we need to be action oriented.
Another form of procrastination can be planning, organizing, investigating, etc without putting in work. Think about it, companies don't just sit and talk about ideas without taking action. Nothing is going to happen unless someone pushes a button, or makes a move.

If you want to be successful in all you do, you need to act now. You need that "gotta do it now" mindset.

Remember you only have today. Do something, try something. Try taking actions now because little efforts each day yeild even bigger fruits.

Here's a funny quote from Abraham Lincoln, "Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." 
So babes, we've got to act now before its late!!

Have you ever procrastinated and missed out on an opportunity share your story so we can all learn together.

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  1. It has never occurred to me that I procrastinate because of fear but reading this has enlightened me. Thinking about it, there's a segment I intend to start on my blog but I haven't because of this!
    A Moment of Excited Curiosity

    1. Wow
      You made such a relevant point that I also have never seriously considered Annie
      Sometimes it's more than laziness. It's the fear of starting or doing an flopping.
      There is so much I have kept on hold because of this now that I really look at it
      Thank you for this!

    2. So glad you found this enlightening!! Im happy I'm not the only one! #Squad Trying to stop procrastinating or waiting...just do it

      Thnks for stopping by😘😘😘


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