Top Ten Songs that help Calm my Anxiety|| #POBAL 3

By Anniedora Etiobi - 2.9.16

 We all know Music is a great remedy to a lot of things but here something I wasn’t aware of before: music can help massively with anxiety.
I struggle with some level of anxiety and some days are definitely better than others. This last week has been a bit of a hard time for me
– not because of anything in particular, but because that’s just how it goes. I’ve felt very nervous and anxious going into class in the morning and I’ve been a lot more quiet than usual. Praying school stress doesn't choke me!
Recently, these songs have been on my Listen Now play list and they always put a smile on my face, every damn time!

  • Wonderful ft The Weeknd: *sigh* I'm not even joking here, this song makes me smile all the time! People probably wonder what's wrong with me, sometimes I have to bring out my phone and pretend I just got a cute text! The jam is just killing it for me rn!

  • Fade ft. Post Malone and Ty Dolla$: I can feel it Fade!! I don't care what anyone thinks of Kanye is a genius! I love the Life Of Pablo album! Nd I'm a skeptical listener so if he gets my approval then he knows his shizz!! Plus I love Post Malone.

  • Too Good ft Rihanna: Urm.. Did you guys see Drake and Rihanna at the VMAs!!!! Those two tho! I knew something was up when he mentioned her on The Hype "You cannot be here right next to me, don't you see RiRi right next to me." And then there were the tiny clips of them shamelessly in love!! Geez I need a dude!

  • Low life ft The Weeknd: I'm sorry but Trap really does it for me right now so of course I love Low Life especially The Weeknd's part. 

  • Dinosaurus: Yes its another Travis Scott song! I can't help it, his sound is electric!

  • Drugs you Should Try it: I was going to say moving on but I just love this song since the first day I heard it. Travis just knows how to feed the Loner side of me with good vibes.

  • With You ft PartyNextDoor: I mean it's Drake and PartyNextDoor! Need I say more!

  • Panda: No words but this song makes me smile too much!

  • Jumpman: This one makes me smile. And I love Kanye's rendition of the song on his track 'Facts'

  • Needed me: I mean Rihanna is bae!! Her whole album makes me smile! Have you heard Pose, Goodnight Gotham, Consideration, Woo, Same O'l Mistakes! ANTi is just The Album!!!

So that's it my Happy Go Lucky Playlist!! What's on yours?

                                Let me know here

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