Wednesday Crush #4

Hey gang? How's the week going so far? It's Wednesday and as we all know its time for the weekly Wednesday crush although I didn't update this series last week. I'm so sorry, school (with assistance from NEPA) got in the way.

Today's Wednesday Crush is someone I have the opportunity to call my friend, this kid is a mixture of a cool tom cat and a psycho in waiting. From his mannerism and his style its easy to be oblivious to his Art.


I met Sam in November 2014 and when I found out he was a rapper I won't lie I was skeptical at first. I thought he was one of those overly pampered rich kids who went to studio just because they could, regardless of whether music was their calling or not(I know I'm a tad judgy) 
I was utterly put to shame when I heard his first song "Mungane" which means "I understand" and I just knew that the minute the world got the chance to know about Sam, the world would be a much better place. The song Mungane gives off a sober but hopeful tone in the sense that you feel just feel it. I'm really good at critiquing songs but when it's a good song I'll be the first to say its a good song and this song is a good song.

What makes Sam this week's Wednesday Crush is his dedication to his art. Sam definitely puts bits of himself into the music he makes, when he steps on stage your immediately in a trance. The first time I saw him perform I had to make a double take, I couldn't believe it was the same Saminu that I had cheekily shared backyard stories with. He immediately comes alive on stage. It's easy for people to give up their dreams because they get scared but not Sam. Sam recently graduated from Babcock University and although his working at an office, he's still pushing his music. I also admire his humility sometimes its easy to forget his lyrical super powers. He's just so chill unlike some 'over pampered rich kids who release trash but introduce themselves with much emphasis on the title rapper.

Sam is not only a rapper but also a writer and a poet, if you need further proof check out his IG captions. With permission from him I've used a few to flex and pretend that I had the ability to write such genuine masterpieces. But alas, I don't- moving on.
There's nothing more to say except that Saminu is truly one to be admired and I find him an inspiration to others trying to follow their dreams! 
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