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Hey Squad, aren't a member? Join in the fun!!! First off I'm so glad and I appreciate each and every one of you that take time out to check out my blog ,Rt on Twitter, comment, you guys are the best you have no idea how happy I get when I'm on here. Thank you!!

So for the post of the day which is obviously something Motivational because what better way to start the week than with a little motivation, huh? I was going to write a list of bad habits to kick but decided to go sentimental on you guys and talk about something I've learnt from the past week.
I shit you not when I say that last week was the most trying week I've had to undergo since I've been in school. I'm glad I survived it in one piece.

1.You decide how your life goes, you can either be sad or get over your situation and have fun. I learnt that sometimes I hang on too tight to people-especially if I care about them and not everyone is comfortable with that, it's okay I'm learning. 

2. You can't impose your ideas down people's throats.

3. Do your best and leave the rest.

4. Dont try to please people, Live for you hunny!!
5. Think positive no matter the situation.

So there they are, what I learned from my horrible-terrible-no good-bad-week.
Don't you just love how I took a negative situation and changed them into life lessons. #Lemonade thank you for sticking with me guys, I'm honestly a work in progress.

 I had a misunderstanding with a friend because she made me feel like I was dead weight: Like I said it was a misunderstanding and I'm going to talk to her about it...or not (I hate confronting people, they just get defensive and not hear your views out) so we might just slide into a conventional friendship. School work is eating me out, I got into another argument with a room mate which was silly because I was trying to help out, I'm over it. It's just been annoying. Okay so you're thinking when does it get motivational? Here it is: 5 things I learnt from the past week: (oops a list, oh well)

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  1. Love all the lessons. No 1 is for me right now. Trying hard to stay positive too. Arguments with roommates is soo annoying. Gosh and I hate confronting people too but it's needed sometimes.
    Don't Look Into That Mirror!

  2. Great post! There's always something to learn from every negative situation. Pick up the pieces of your life and move on.


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