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Currently I Am || August


So this post was delayed but here it is, a new edition in the 'currently I am' monthly series. I don't want to bore you with talk. So here it is.

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5 ThingsThat Will Make You Happy Instantly


Hey Lemon Squad, how have you all been? I've missed this space so much. It has come to my realisation that there are a lot of people feeling as though their life sucks and jumping on the depression train. I was on that train before and it's a suckish ride, please if you're on it jump right now,JUMP OUTTA DA WINDOW!!

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Life Lessons Learned in April


Currently wondering about life while listening to Blem by Drake

HEY everyone, I’m so sorry that I left this blog for so long, the thing is a lot has been happening both with school and personal life. Apparently people are not as they seem and some mistakes inflict skin deep scars.

Wednesday Crush

Wednesday Crush #8 ||Bella


Hey Lemon Squad, I'm so excited for this Wednesday Crush... It's a Wednesday late, I know, forgive me but life and school got in the way and my Email box was giving me a headache. I was able to interview Bella of who is an incredible inspiration to young women around by just being herself. She oozes confidence and style effortlessly. Here's how it went down:

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Misogynist thoughts on Rape


this post is a mixed post. Contains strong language that might be offensive and uncomfortable for the weak hearted. Approach with caution.

The day started of good with good vibes, I was looking forward to classes which is rare. I had given my self the mental motivational talk about how I was going to pay attention in class and take notes, not tweet,

Currenlty I Am

Currently I Am #2


Hey Beautiful people, how's it been. I'm feeling very bitter/sweet about February being over, but then life must go on right? How's your March going so far? This is a currently I am on how I felt in February:

Wearing: A Polka Dot top and Denim.

Admiring: Rihanna. Her style and her just being... I cant explain it.

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Situationships and #HurtBae


Currently listening to Drew Barrymore by SZA

Hey guys! This month's Wednesday Crush is such an amazing sweetheart and he is funny too. You may have come across him on IG.

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Valentine's Day Aftermath || Inspired


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Hey guys, how was your valentine's day. Mine was boring as usual. Shout out to us, who envisioned having a valentine date this year!!
Still haven't found some one and dont want to settle? That's alright. Its a day anyways. (Issalie, please someone should comman love me!! Lol)

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The Importance of Self Love|| Inspired


how can i love myself

In Recent news; I'm watching Straight Outta Compton for the umpteenth time. Classic! While wondering when Rihanna is going to release the next album...#ANTI is such a great album!!

Welcome to February and not only is it Black History Month

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Facing Your FEARS


Currently listening to The Weeknd's Starboy Album XO till we go!!

 Its 5:12am nd I just woke up from a terrifying dream ft a perv and no I wasn't being raped...come on guys. It wasn't so terrifying though but I guess it seemed too real and my being immediately believed it. I was just another case of FEAR.

Perks of being a Loner

The Modern Day Feminist


On Becoming a Feminist

I've been too in my feelings to write this post plus procrastination....but I overcame.. Yo!! So thats how Donald Trump became President of USA!

So today I want to say something about a movement that has in some way plagued our women/girls. The Feminist Movement.

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Dear Boys|| A Simple Guide to Understanding Women #3


I dont understand women
Understanding women ain't a joke!

Dear Boys!
Its been a long time since I dropped something for you right, I know I'm sorry... I know its been long and a light hearted topic is necessary but I'm going to still be bringing the heat on you guys and your misconceptions about us girls:

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Pick Yourself Up and Try Again!


Are you feeling discouraged? here are some things to do to pick yourself up.

Its hard going through discouragement but its something that happens. How you deal with it is another thing entirely.

There are ways I pick myself up when I'm discouraged to keep working on achieving set goals. Here are some ways:

Perks of being a Loner

Stop Shaming Others|| #POBAL8


Hey you guys, it's been long I did a "Perks of A Loner" post, how's the "new year new you" thing going, if you were one of those who tweeted the phrase.
Someone on my Snapchat went HAM on another girl on her Snaps who had just broken up with her boyfriend. Let's call the girl on my Snap IT,

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Get Over Your Monday Blues


From Instagram

Hey you guys!! So its the dreaded Monday and I hope you have a great one too because we all know how Monday has the the uncanny talent of setting the mood for the rest of the week so before you leave here are some things I would really love for you to take with you this morning

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5 Things To Be Happy About.


Picture from
Hey, Lemonades what's popping? I just watched Mamma Mia for the umpteenth time and it got me super excited all over again as I was the first time I saw the film.

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16 People that made my 2016


Wednesday Crush 2016 2017

Hey guys!! Im still stuffed from all the food I've been eating left right and center, hopefully I put on a little body before going back to school. On that note, please a moment of silence for people who have already resumed for the new session. Yh Unilag students catch your sub.

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New Habits To Adopt this 2017


Hi!!!! Welcome to flight 2017, please put on your seat belts and brace yourself for a New Year, new adventures, new life lessons, growth, opportunities etc. But first there are certain precautions that we must take in order to make this flight amazing and less bumpy. I mean of course the flight is going to be bumpy, it's life... So do brace yourself and lets make lemonades!!!


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