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10 Reasons you Need to Hear


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Hey lemon drops,
I didnt want to resume back on duty with a cliché post, telling you why I haven't been present here and promising heaven and earth on how I will be more consistent. Truth is I cant promise consistency,


Eri Ife's New culture Festival


Happy New month!!! I pray that everyone's December is amazing. That positive plot twist will happen.
My First of December was already turnt, I went for the New Culture Festival which was also the first of its kind. Eri Ife really out did himself and deserves the most praise!!


A Foodie's Tale ||Food


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Hey Lemon Drops, I'm so sorry, I've been gone for a long time...I really am. I've been blocked. Its a bit tasking on the mind, trying to stand out in a world where people are virtually doing the same thing.

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Types of Friends to Fight for


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how to know a real friend from a fake friend

Hey Lemon Drop, how are you? Hope you're loving and are appreciating yourself fiercely. Sometimes its not just you who is the cause of your own worries.

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Misinformed Feminists


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Hey Lemon Drops, whats up? Its been a while since I did a #POBAL (Perks of being a Loner) write up but trust me ive been observing things and dying to put them in words. Its just sometimes, it gets difficult to actually put in words. Is it just me or have some people totally changed up the meaning of a feminist. Some people think that by being a feminist you are anti-men


My Simple Everday Skincare Routine


I have always wanted to do a beauty post but sometimes I get terrified because technically I'm not a beauty blogger but I love trying new things out and I'm a mini facial guru in my house hold and amongst my course mates

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Think and Glow!! Develop a Positive Mindset


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Hey Lemon Drop, I just want to remind you that you've got this. You own your sh*t!! You's a bad ass! Dont let anyone make you feel like you aren't a bad ass. It's inside if you , your light, your glow. Live in your truth.
Change your mindset, change the way you think. Stop attaching your self worth to irrelevant things or people they don't matter.

You may feel depressed and down right now, things may not be working out the way you expected, dont let it get to you, your boy friend/ girlfriend may be acting up, your "friend" almost got you killed, your lecturer is after you, blah blah blah...dont, I repeat DONT let it get to you.

The universe works in very strange ways, sometimes you have to go through hell to grow. Keep your head up, find the things worth thriving for and grow!!!
Do not change the person you are for anybody but change your mindset, develop a growth mindset. Learn new skills, pick a fun bobby, get out of your comfort zone!! GROW and GLOW in're doing amazing sweetie😘

Sometimes I feel down, whether its because of how someone has been acting towards me or things not working out or my bank account *side eye* continuously asking me the "dont you have shame?" question with each withdrawal or purchase, you get?

I'm learning, actually I've learnt to not let trivial things get to me. Here's what I do right now and you too can try it, whenever I want to start worrying or carrying someones matter on my head. I always ask myself, "So will this put taati billion in my account?" If my answer is no, I quickly start thinking of innovative ideas,or things that will make me happy, like getting a new bag, or things that I can do that will at some point yield money for me, so that soon I can laugh to the bank.
People shading you for being ambitious, is nothing. People laughing at you because you aren't like them, is nothing. You are a gem!!
Dont forget that!!

Stay safe and remember YOU'VE GOT THIS!

Let's keep in touch


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Discover Your Inner Self


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Hey Lemon drop!! If you're an avid follower of my blog, you'll know I started a mini #SelfLove series. (Here and here, check it out)
It's super easy for us to chant to one another "oh love yourself, be content with who you are." But we all know that it's not

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Access your strengths!!


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Hey Lemon Drop hope you've been feeling good about yourself and loving yourself lately? In my last post I talked about the

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Confidential Goals


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Hey you!! In my last post I discussed the importance of self confidence and shared 6 ways in which you too could be self confident. If you're

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On Building Confidence


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self love

 *Steps unto the stage with mic in hand* *Silence* Who here has based a decision for themselves with "what will people think?" running circles in their thoughts? Who here has allowed themselves

Book Review

Book Review: PALO ALTO


Palo Alto book synopsis

Palo Alto is a collection of short stories written by James Franco. These stories are told from the perspectives of troubled teenagers living in the city of Palo Alto, California.

10 IG Accounts that will Make you Love Lagos


Hey Lemon Squad, I hope your day is going quite well? I love to discover things, new and exciting things because who doesnt want to discover new and exciting things. I live in Lagos and sometimes get plagued not knowing where to go or what to do. Well, if you're like me let me tell you that that's all about to change.

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Currently I Am || August


So this post was delayed but here it is, a new edition in the 'currently I am' monthly series. I don't want to bore you with talk. So here it is.

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5 ThingsThat Will Make You Happy Instantly


Hey Lemon Squad, how have you all been? I've missed this space so much. It has come to my realisation that there are a lot of people feeling as though their life sucks and jumping on the depression train. I was on that train before and it's a suckish ride, please if you're on it jump right now,JUMP OUTTA DA WINDOW!!

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Life Lessons Learned in April


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HEY everyone, I’m so sorry that I left this blog for so long, the thing is a lot has been happening both with school and personal life. Apparently people are not as they seem and some mistakes inflict skin deep scars.

Wednesday Crush

Wednesday Crush #8 ||Bella


Hey Lemon Squad, I'm so excited for this Wednesday Crush... It's a Wednesday late, I know, forgive me but life and school got in the way and my Email box was giving me a headache. I was able to interview Bella of who is an incredible inspiration to young women around by just being herself. She oozes confidence and style effortlessly. Here's how it went down:

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Misogynist thoughts on Rape


this post is a mixed post. Contains strong language that might be offensive and uncomfortable for the weak hearted. Approach with caution.

The day started of good with good vibes, I was looking forward to classes which is rare. I had given my self the mental motivational talk about how I was going to pay attention in class and take notes, not tweet,

Currenlty I Am

Currently I Am #2


Hey Beautiful people, how's it been. I'm feeling very bitter/sweet about February being over, but then life must go on right? How's your March going so far? This is a currently I am on how I felt in February:

Wearing: A Polka Dot top and Denim.

Admiring: Rihanna. Her style and her just being... I cant explain it.

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Situationships and #HurtBae


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Hey guys! This month's Wednesday Crush is such an amazing sweetheart and he is funny too. You may have come across him on IG.

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Valentine's Day Aftermath || Inspired


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Hey guys, how was your valentine's day. Mine was boring as usual. Shout out to us, who envisioned having a valentine date this year!!
Still haven't found some one and dont want to settle? That's alright. Its a day anyways. (Issalie, please someone should comman love me!! Lol)

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The Importance of Self Love|| Inspired


how can i love myself

In Recent news; I'm watching Straight Outta Compton for the umpteenth time. Classic! While wondering when Rihanna is going to release the next album...#ANTI is such a great album!!

Welcome to February and not only is it Black History Month

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Facing Your FEARS


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 Its 5:12am nd I just woke up from a terrifying dream ft a perv and no I wasn't being raped...come on guys. It wasn't so terrifying though but I guess it seemed too real and my being immediately believed it. I was just another case of FEAR.

Perks of being a Loner

The Modern Day Feminist


On Becoming a Feminist

I've been too in my feelings to write this post plus procrastination....but I overcame.. Yo!! So thats how Donald Trump became President of USA!

So today I want to say something about a movement that has in some way plagued our women/girls. The Feminist Movement.

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Pick Yourself Up and Try Again!


Are you feeling discouraged? here are some things to do to pick yourself up.

Its hard going through discouragement but its something that happens. How you deal with it is another thing entirely.

There are ways I pick myself up when I'm discouraged to keep working on achieving set goals. Here are some ways:

Perks of being a Loner

Stop Shaming Others|| #POBAL8


Hey you guys, it's been long I did a "Perks of A Loner" post, how's the "new year new you" thing going, if you were one of those who tweeted the phrase.
Someone on my Snapchat went HAM on another girl on her Snaps who had just broken up with her boyfriend. Let's call the girl on my Snap IT,

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Get Over Your Monday Blues


From Instagram

Hey you guys!! So its the dreaded Monday and I hope you have a great one too because we all know how Monday has the the uncanny talent of setting the mood for the rest of the week so before you leave here are some things I would really love for you to take with you this morning

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5 Things To Be Happy About.


Picture from
Hey, Lemonades what's popping? I just watched Mamma Mia for the umpteenth time and it got me super excited all over again as I was the first time I saw the film.

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16 People that made my 2016


Wednesday Crush 2016 2017

Hey guys!! Im still stuffed from all the food I've been eating left right and center, hopefully I put on a little body before going back to school. On that note, please a moment of silence for people who have already resumed for the new session. Yh Unilag students catch your sub.

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New Habits To Adopt this 2017


Hi!!!! Welcome to flight 2017, please put on your seat belts and brace yourself for a New Year, new adventures, new life lessons, growth, opportunities etc. But first there are certain precautions that we must take in order to make this flight amazing and less bumpy. I mean of course the flight is going to be bumpy, it's life... So do brace yourself and lets make lemonades!!!


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