16 People that made my 2016

By Anniedora Etiobi - 4.1.17

Wednesday Crush 2016 2017

Hey guys!! Im still stuffed from all the food I've been eating left right and center, hopefully I put on a little body before going back to school. On that note, please a moment of silence for people who have already resumed for the new session. Yh Unilag students catch your sub.
2016 was a good year, eventful, yes, would I do it all over again? Nope. I must admit that I went through a lot last year, even lost someone dear to me but I'm all for making the best out each moment and moving forward.

This is the first Wednesday crush of the year and although It's meant to celebrate one individual at a time, I'm bending the rules and making it about all the wonderful people I met in 2016. So in no particular order here's a list of this 16 people that made my 2016 (excuse the cliché tagline!)

1. CEEZYDGUY: The first person I met at UI. We had actually known each other before but never got friendly. His name is actually Nonso but I prefer to call him CeezyDGuy!!! This dude right here is one of the very few people that get me, no jokes.

2. Ella: Ella Rea Rea!!!! Ella fire!! Ella, the best cooker!! Princess!! Words can't explain, The original yoruba demon. The no 1 member of my supporters club, she legit put a gun to my head and made me write this. But she is legit a true friend. When I first met Ella we hated each other's guts but became thick as thieves as the year went by. A true friend that takes her time to video you when you're misbehaving. We even had a secret language we had formed during one of our nightly adventures (lol, walking to Awo Hall) If I were to write about our frienship, this post would go on forever!! #NuffSaid

3. Moss: Moss is pretty much the last person I met in 2016. But even in that small space of time we just became friends.

4. Doyin: My main, I admire this girls work ethics, I was privileged to work alongside her while I was the president of the MUSAN Press. Plus she runs her own blog, beading business and is the PRO for the Music department!

5.Oshobisi: Please round of applause for this dry guy. Osho is one of those very few people that actually want others around them to grow, really down to earth guy with big aspirations. Always pushing people to create opportunities for themselves and I love him for that. Because in our society right now it's easy to discuss irrelevant things and ignore the opportunities life hands you but not this guy! So yh, Osho made my 2016 just by telling innovative ways to push my blog and my brand.

6. Molawa: When I first met Molawa he was cool but then I found out he could sing, dance and act. I was like dude?! Let others shine too na? But he's an amazing kid and a great listener, and is single af, message me for more info.

7. Ayodele: I met her through a mutual friend and she was super cool. Funny and annoying, the best combination.

8. Adeola: *sigh* Adeola is a super cool chick. She was a significant part of my 2016 because she was my first heartbreak of 2016. But we still cool tho, just not as tight, so dont panic.

9. Moses: It was a privilege to have worked withthis guy, he is a great director and has a wild imagination, which I love. He actually got me proud of the fact that I could write. Thank you Moses!

10. Floyd: The classic man of Theatre Arts. So Floyd made me believe in my acting abilities even when I doubted myself.

11. Tolu Ella: Which is how his number is saved on my phone. Ella's big brother, he made my life easier by just being the dry guy that he is. Genuinely caring and all that, he's my self adopted big brother gan.

12. Temi: Ella's big brother, he aslo made me believe in my writing, which one day I'm probably going to need to share with you guys but I'm too lazy right now. *unbothered* Temi is also a great actor so, yeah.

13. Seun Soneye: *sigh* My first real love but after I noticed how he was friendly with every girl, I had to come to terms with the fact that I wasn't that special. He really helped make my stay at the school very bearable and I just loved watching him play his violin. Dude got Talent.

14, 15 and 16. Martins, Fortune and Samueh: My Real Niggaz, these guys are just too much. Words can't even describe the way these guys have been there for me. Walking me to my hall everyday. My hall was far away from school area.

*Music Students Ui: For what its worth, I was greatly impacted by the students of Music Department a lot. Just watching the way they got excited about the art warmed my heart.

The end... The next Wednesday crush is going to be lit, it may not be as lit shar but still... Send in wierd question you'd like to ask your faves.

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  1. It's great that you take time to appreciate the important people in your life. Many times we forget to do so. Thank you for reminding me.


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