Dear Boys|| A Simple Guide to Understanding Women #3


I dont understand women
Understanding women ain't a joke!

Dear Boys!
Its been a long time since I dropped something for you right, I know I'm sorry... I know its been long and a light hearted topic is necessary but I'm going to still be bringing the heat on you guys and your misconceptions about us girls:

1. Girls don't dress up for you: I'm sorry babes but it's true, girls don't dress up for guys, they do it for *drum roll* themselves. Obviously she put on that tight body con so when she passes her reflection she can wink at herself and make kissy faces at her reflection. Don't try to dictate what she should wear because unknown to you this 15seconds of staring at her reflection is a form of self love.

2. Her makeup is actually for a girl she hates: Okay so technically its not for a girl she hates but its one of those things, its also so she glows and she wants to get compliments from girls, if she gets them from you all the better.

3: You're not the only option: Sorry boys but if you feel you're the shit and can take her love for granted, let me remind you that your not the only one who wants her love.
Women are not so difficult, ya know?
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4. Your poo if you let her chase you: Fareal tho!!! You like her but you want her to work for your attention? Your the one who wants to get into a circle. #nuffsaid.

5. Money isn't everything.. Ya know?I have friends (boys) who for some reason feel/ believe that the minute they have money girls will fall into their laps. Yes girls will fall but the wrong kinds. There's still a little bit of effort you need to put in to show the girl you like that you care.

Simple as ABC.. So please stop with the mediocre thoughts.. I have to go now, WAGS Miami is about to be on.. They are so *lips sealed*

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