The Modern Day Feminist

On Becoming a Feminist

I've been too in my feelings to write this post plus procrastination....but I overcame.. Yo!! So thats how Donald Trump became President of USA!

So today I want to say something about a movement that has in some way plagued our women/girls. The Feminist Movement.

Someone one recently asked if I was a feminist and I said 'no'. I'm not a feminist. Before you crucify me ask yo'selves Why did I say no? Of course you dont know why? But Listen...the modern idea of a feminist is a woman who acts as a man,and not like in an independent gets the bills and can look after her damn self, more in a lets "chase guys and have casual sex" type of way and I just don't agree with it.

I don't understand this and I've always wanted to bring up the issue since I had my first blog but I just thought it was too sensitive an issue to bring up but I have to push aside the fear and speak on it.

The modern feminist does not believe in being domestic, they look down on women who have dreams of being wives and settling down while the husband provides. I personaly don't see that as a bad thing. If a woman chooses to be a housewife your no better because you have a career, although it would still be nice if women could balance both being wives, moms and career women. You know?
The word Feminist to me means equal rights not becoming a man... I dont want to become a man!

Dear girls, your too good to be anything like the boys. Yes, fight for equal rights but don't fight to just be as savage as guys( and I don't mean Riri type savage, if you want to be that type of savage then sign me up) but savage in a banal way. Why would a girl say "Yo! If this guy can walk around topless, then I want to walk around topless." Like babe stop, if you saw a dog bark would you get on all fours and bark. Nah, so don't stoop to the level of guys, they are cavemen by nature, its women that make them look good.

Look the saying "Its a man's world." is a saying that started with some guys over beers who wanted to feel good about themselves because even after having that beer they still went home to their wives who cooked for them, cleaned them up, dressed them and so on. In the words of Asap Rocky(my sugar daddy) "Its a man's world, but pussy controls it "  guys juat say it as a way to calm chicks down... Dont belive the hype*side eye*

The truth at the end of the day is that both sexes need each other, no one is better than the other one. #Word

So dear ladies embrace the fact that you are women and bask in it because the reality is that its more fun being a woman.

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  1. I totally I agree with your analysis of the modern day feminist. But when people ask me if I am a feminist I say Yes and then before they start to complain I tell them- I am not the burn your bra kind of feminist. I am the kind that wants to see women of every walk of life taken care off. I want them to be told thatvtgeir dreams are valid and if they want to be housewives good for them if they want to be career women good for them. If they want to mix the 2 even better.Women need to understand that we are not meant to be men. Feminism is fighting for the right to be truly woman and not the same as a man. Sorry for my rant ooo LOL

    1. Thats the point of feminism-equal rights for women. Nah don't apologise thank you for ranting!!!πŸ’•

  2. Yes, I agree. My feminism believes in equal rights and the right of a woman to choose what she wants to do. If a woman CHOOSES to be a housewife then that's okay. I don't subscribe to some of the views people have concerning feminism but I have come to terms with the fact that people define it differently. (No matter how bewildering such definitions may be lol). Great post! xx

    1. So yeah, if anyone asks me if I'm a feminist I always say yes.

    2. Thanks you Dems I have heard very bizzare definitions of feminism tooπŸ˜‚
      Thank you for reading!!πŸ’•

  3. I disagree with your definition of a modern day feminist,I am a modern day feminist and i believe in choices, I mean that's what we celebrate. you can be an housewife if that's what you want! its people that have the wrong perception of what feminism is that screams they are feminists and all they really are, are insecure men haters.


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