Stop Shaming Others|| #POBAL8

Hey you guys, it's been long I did a "Perks of A Loner" post, how's the "new year new you" thing going, if you were one of those who tweeted the phrase.
Someone on my Snapchat went HAM on another girl on her Snaps who had just broken up with her boyfriend. Let's call the girl on my Snap IT,
and the other girl Coke (I'm watching Dope as I'm writing this) Now IT went ahead to call Coke a hoe because she gave herself up easily to the guy and was very public about it.

Now here's my deal although its not my business though but I feel many people are victims/victimizers of people in relationships or people who have recently gotten out of one depending on how in love they were. IT then went on to call Coke sensless because she gave herself (probably had sex with the guy, not confirmed) and in her words "what would she leave for the next person, if she had sex with her current boyfriend?" Pls, When did you turn into meat, that if someone took a bite, there wouldn't be anymore left? I blame the soceity for this thought though.

The point I'm trying to make is Stop Shamming people because they dont live by the same standards you live by. We all have different levels as to how much of ourselves we are willing to give to the person we fall in love with. For some they are okay with giving themselves when in a relationship without giving it too much of a thought. Whereas for some its difficult because they need something concrete as a wedding ring before they can give themselves to the person they love (Trust issues, much?) and if you're in my section- distant which is way worse than you can think.

The thing is who is to say what's right or wrong way to love when in love, and who are you to call someone stupid, sensless or whatever stupid word your silly mouth can muster because someone fell in love, had sex and it didn't end in marriage. Who's to say the next guy/girl that comes around isn't going to be just as bad or better than the last. You don't know, so don't judge someone because of they don't meet up to what your standards are. Everyone has a right to their bodies male or female. If you want to have sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It's truly up to you. Love with all your being if you want. Sorry if this post seems longer than usual, I just needed to rant, if you have any thoughts to add, lemme know in the comment box because I don't know everything and this is just my perspective of the issue. Please share your thoughts below and share this with your peeps.
I'm done #OkBye

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  1. I totally agree with this post. Shaming others because they're not like you or just without reason is definitely a no no! Great post girl!


    1. Awww💕💕💕 Thank you Subomi. I know right.

  2. This post reminds of what I've been around on sinners judging other sinners for sinning differently. Hope you're good. xx
    LIFE| HELLO 2017

    1. Im good hun, thank you for asking. Its a horrible thing that plagues the society.
      Thank you💕💕


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