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Situationships and #HurtBae


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Hey guys! This month's Wednesday Crush is such an amazing sweetheart and he is funny too. You may have come across him on IG.

Be Motivated

Valentine's Day Aftermath || Inspired


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Hey guys, how was your valentine's day. Mine was boring as usual. Shout out to us, who envisioned having a valentine date this year!!
Still haven't found some one and dont want to settle? That's alright. Its a day anyways. (Issalie, please someone should comman love me!! Lol)

Be Motivated

The Importance of Self Love|| Inspired


how can i love myself

In Recent news; I'm watching Straight Outta Compton for the umpteenth time. Classic! While wondering when Rihanna is going to release the next album...#ANTI is such a great album!!

Welcome to February and not only is it Black History Month


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