Currently I AM #1|| Jan,17

Its been ages since the last Currently I am post and I'm determined to make this more frequent from now!! And a Happy new month!!!

Wearing: Mostly Loose fitting clothes.
I'm home and everyone I know is either at school or working!

Admiring: ItsDemib. Her Ig feed is oh so cool. I love how her pictures give off this Western cowgirl feel. I'm still not sure on how to edit my photos to look the way I want. Please share the different apps you use to edit your photos.

Wishing : I receive lovely gifts on Valentines day. Especially since its been a long time I received a Vals gift.

Determined to : Create better content on my blog and step out of my comfort zone (this one is crucial)

Craving : Spicy food. I just want pepper, any idea where I can get spicy foods at a reasonable price?

Excited to : Go back to IB and also launch my business- I cant tell what it is right now but I will soon enough.

Feeling : I'm definitely experiencing mixed feelings about a lot of things. Life, blogging, my potential love life etc

Anticipating : Meeting bloggers in Ibadan city and future collaborations.

Happy about : Personal growth and allowing myself be vulnerable to Monkey Boy

Appreciating : Women all over the world!!!

Irritated by : Boys/Men that think they are entitled to having you. Or the ones that assume you don't want to be their girlfriends because in their words "They aren't rich enough." Like maybe I just don't want to be your girlfriend fam.

Inspired by : Freshest.Akara on Ig. She inspires me so much through her words and I love her carefree spirit.

Planning to : Discuss controversial topics on my SnapChat and be more active on my social media platforms. Add me btw Anniedora16!

Loving : Monkey Boy and these cute bags I recently just got...

Regretting : That I don't keep in touch with people as much as I would like to.

Unsure about : What theme I want to use in curating my IG feed, any ideas? I'm also unsure about discussing controversial topics on my SnapChat.

Reading : To kill a Mocking Bird by Susan Lee and some recent blogs I discovered recently.

Listening to: Travis Scott's Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight. My fave songs on the album are First Take, Guidance and Beibs in the Trap.

I hope you enjoyed this post... Let me know how you felt about it by dropping some comments down below..thank you!!

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  1. Take one day at a time in relation to your mixed feelings. Clear your head. You'll be fine. All the best with your business!

  2. I also follow @itsdemib on IG and her feed is so cool. I normally use Snapseed for most of my photos. As for your IG theme just see which works for you best without overstressing or hoarding too much pictures because they don't fit. Great post girl

    Subomi|My Fashion Musings

    1. Ikr!! Thank you Subomi.💕 I need to try out Snapspeed, this is the second time its being recommended.

  3. Enjoyed reading this. I don't like spicy food. I just don't know how to eat it. Lol. That's definitely something to be irritated by but then I guess it's what they lowkey use to console themselves.
    Life Diary||January

    1. I know right!! I just don't understand why they feel so entitled over women.😢
      Thanks you for reading💕💕

  4. Loving how much I enjoyed reading this post. All the best in all endeavours.
    I hope you meet a lot of IB based bloggers as well and like Kachi said relax and take it one step at a time, you gon be alright.
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. Thank you Praise!! Im hoping the same too. Im glad you enjoyed reading this post🙌

  5. I'm also confused about my IG feed but i guess one day at a time we'll both figure it out. Waiting to hear the new business :-)

    1. First off I love your blog!!😍😍 ikr the IG thing is so tasking sometimes. Thnk you for stopping by🙌


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