Situationships and #HurtBae

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Hey guys! This month's Wednesday Crush is such an amazing sweetheart and he is funny too. You may have come across him on IG.
His skits are so funny and relatable especially the ones about African parents vs White Parents. You might have seen his stuff on IG accounts such as Westafricanman, Only_funny_pics etc. His consistency with his art is one to be emulated. I was able to corner him in a dark alley and ask him these questions quickly before he ran off to go misguide a young damsel with his comical ways (Yoruba Demons Association sturvs) I'm actually just joking! I made the questions fun as usual because well, that's what I like and a lot of people commented on how easy they were. Say Hi to our Wednesday crush with of the month...

Tomiwa Oni Funny Videos curator at Obb_comedy
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Wednesday Crush

Tell us about yourself, your visions, creations in as little to many sentences as you want?
Ok my name is Tomiwa Oni, I was born March 11th 1998,Christian,I have 2 siblings and I'm the only boy,student of university of Ibadan.
my vision is to be known around Nigeria and the world hopefully.

What inspired you to make comedy skits?
Well I got inspired by my friends and family.

Tools for editing your videos?
For now I shoot with my phone then I have few editing apps on my phone and laptop I won't like to mention.

So 10k Followers? How does that feel like?
Hmmmm 10k followers well it feels great to know that a lot of people are out there watching my videos and I'm really grateful.

Describe your work ethics.
Dedication,hard work and consistency.

Most sentimental character you've potrayed?
I don't think I have played any sentimental role yet.

If you could meet anyone on the IG skit scene who and why?
I would really love to meet twyse,that guy is really funny,creative and his editing skills are just so cool(twyse_116).
Wednesday crush

What do you do when you're bored besides making skits and making people laugh?
Football is the way anytime I think I'm less busy,I really love playing football.

Three adjectives that describe your style of comedy?
Crazy,extraordinary and funny.

How would you describe the stage you’re at now in your life ?
I think at this present stage I'm in things are just starting to fall in place but haven't gotten to where I'm going yet but in all I'm still glad things are going well.

Tips for upcoming comedians?
I think this question applies to me as well but I won't put it as upcoming because I have a problem with that word but rather say up and coming comedians ,well just be prayerful,humble,hardworking and believe in yourself.

Wednesday crush

Fill in the blank Spaces
If I'm coming to your house make sure there is FOOD
If I'm awake at 1am, its probably because I have meeting with your members lol.
All I want right now is Football.

Did you enjoy this post? Let me know how you felt about it! Also shoutout to PaulAsiri on IG for encouraging me to keep writing and to Vincent who I had already planned on dating, till I found out he was three years younger! Oh well...have a great week babes!  I know I've been slacking a bit, I'm sorry. I'm going to work on that.

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  1. We’ve all been there and done that. We meet someone who makes our heart (or our hormones) go pitter-patter. We construct a fantasy about who they are and what our life together is going to look like. (Perfect, obviously.) We imagine meeting our future in-laws, decorating our future house, naming our unborn babies….

    We get so caught up in the dream that we don’t pay attention to the reality.

    And then, when reality bites, we are so invested in our fantasy that we feel we have to keep going. Like a gambling addict who keeps throwing good money after bad, we stick in the ‘situationship’ and try to make it more like our dream and less like the reality.

    We try to love the other person into being who we want them to be.

    Being in a situationship can be very destructive and miserable-making. And it keeps us stuck in a neither-nor kind of no-man’s land. Situationships stop us from moving on and making the space for a real relationship; (a real-ationship).

    Rather than being in love with who you want someone to be, cut our losses and find someone who you can love for who they really are....but that's no easy task...

    1. It really isn't an easy task. Thank you Krist for this. I think more people need to see this.🙌🙌🙌


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