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By Anniedora Etiobi - 16.2.17

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Hey guys, how was your valentine's day. Mine was boring as usual. Shout out to us, who envisioned having a valentine date this year!!
Still haven't found some one and dont want to settle? That's alright. Its a day anyways. (Issalie, please someone should comman love me!! Lol)

This post is pretty much to remind everyone that they are special regardless that they aren't in a relationships or are in a relationship. Don't allow the fact that you were single on Val's day bum you out. If it helps you weren't the only ones single on V day, guess who else was single on Valentine's day :Rihanna (yass!) Keke Palmer, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Me, Myself, oh! Me again. Lol what I'm trying to say is who cares, honestly, who. I'd rather you be happy in the single lane, eat healthy, look after yourself, watch a movie, comment "Relationship goals" on all the couples page on Instagram you can find (yes you caught me. I also comment goals even though I'm in a serious relationship with my pillow! Lmao) Really tho you guys, and to all the girls and guys who have been tweeting or posting depressing pics because they didn't receive anything on Valentine's Day, please stop. Also when did Valentine's day become so material driven. Like if your bae didn't get you something or take you out, he doesn't care. Uhm, maybe he had to go to work, or recession, etc.

To people in relationships who wait till Valentine's day to do something nice for the person their with, please stop. Or girls (I say girls cus we are all guilty of this) who expect the world from their man but only give him headaches, please stop. Hold on, I see you too, people who say or ask you what the point of valentines Day is obviously never went to primary school. Remember in school when on Val's Day someone would send you a letter (take me back!) Or teachers would pair you with someone and you'd have to get them gifts? (Good times!) Valentine's day is about giving, true but the thing is we've lost sight of the term "giving" Valentine's Day is more about the feeling, you do something special to make some one feel loved. Not get them an iPhone and buy yourself a condom, and ask for your reward. Lmao. Stop it jor!

For anyone wondering how I spent my VDay!

Dont be mad about the Valentine's Day. I mean, regardless of how over exaggerated it's become, the over exaggerated effect is totally normal, especially in this age of social media. Everyone takes a picture and voom we all assume they have the perfect life. Create your own story! Love you first, travel, open yourself to new experiences, listen to music, learn to twerk! Okay that one is not a must.

Side note: if you're reading this post and secretly love me, please dont be afraid to send a note to me. Also if you wanted to send me something and after reading this post decide that I'm content with myself. Please don't believe it, send me that iPhone. I'm joking but honestly though if someone could get me an activity book, a jotter and coloured pencils I'll be good. I can get it for myself, but some I want some one else to do it. Come o, make me feel extra special too...

So babes, look after yourself, bae or no bae. Eat fried yam and egg sauce, drink fanta or coke and sleep... You'll thank me later. Except if your on a diet then don't do that cus you'll say its my fault you put on a couple of weigh!!! Till next time good for mama!!

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2 Thoughts

  1. LOOL at send me that iPhone lol, and tbh I never cared about vday until I first got with my fiancΓ©, our first valentines day he proposed to me :-P and that was the first time I actually got to celebrate vday so it was amazingggg! our 2nd vday we went back to the restaurant where he proposed to me, this year we got to see our daughter in a 3D scan then went for a meal!! So topped it!! :-) Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Dominica from London, xXx

    1. Aww that's the cutest thing ever!!!!😍😍 Congratulations on your new babyπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ


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