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On Building Confidence


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self love

 *Steps unto the stage with mic in hand* *Silence* Who here has based a decision for themselves with "what will people think?" running circles in their thoughts? Who here has allowed themselves

Book Review

Book Review: PALO ALTO


Palo Alto book synopsis

Palo Alto is a collection of short stories written by James Franco. These stories are told from the perspectives of troubled teenagers living in the city of Palo Alto, California.

10 IG Accounts that will Make you Love Lagos


Hey Lemon Squad, I hope your day is going quite well? I love to discover things, new and exciting things because who doesnt want to discover new and exciting things. I live in Lagos and sometimes get plagued not knowing where to go or what to do. Well, if you're like me let me tell you that that's all about to change.

chop n squeeze

Currently I Am || August


So this post was delayed but here it is, a new edition in the 'currently I am' monthly series. I don't want to bore you with talk. So here it is.

Be Motivated

5 ThingsThat Will Make You Happy Instantly


Hey Lemon Squad, how have you all been? I've missed this space so much. It has come to my realisation that there are a lot of people feeling as though their life sucks and jumping on the depression train. I was on that train before and it's a suckish ride, please if you're on it jump right now,JUMP OUTTA DA WINDOW!!


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