5 ThingsThat Will Make You Happy Instantly

By Anniedora Etiobi - 1.8.17

Hey Lemon Squad, how have you all been? I've missed this space so much. It has come to my realisation that there are a lot of people feeling as though their life sucks and jumping on the depression train. I was on that train before and it's a suckish ride, please if you're on it jump right now,JUMP OUTTA DA WINDOW!!

I compiled a tiny ( not so tiny) list of things that help me to stay positive and get happy fast, here they are:
1. Positive people: God bless our friends and keep them safe, and if they are not for us, let him show us the way. Having good people around you is essential, having positive people around is such a blessing! If the people around you right now don't make you feel good about yourself? It's about time you made new friends. How? Get outta your comfort zone, babe. I have met the really positive and enthusiastic people on Twitter and Instagram. Check out pages that connect people who you go to school with and then take a dive in the DMV. Or if this doesn't help, you could start by going out more often. Just don't stay in your toxic relationship and die there because you are too scared to open up. Open up more and make new friends or if you're like me, a cry baby, then call just your mom! 😂
Cry baby✌

2. Memes: I remember one time I was super sad about things that where out of my control (Imagine small human being like me trying to do God's job for him, I've put it in his hands abeg) and I opened up my Instagram and literarily burst out laughing, thanks to memes. I've always said that it's a wonderful time to be alive in a world with relatable memes. These memes make me laugh so hard, I forget what I was sad about before I opened my Instagram. If you want me to do a post on my fave Meme accounts, lemme know in the comment section.

3. Music: Music is legit what helps me get through the day. If I'm feeling down I have an array of artists to listen to. There are depressing music out there and I know a lot of us are drawn to that type of sound but did you know you could listen to Lana Del Rey and not be sad. Instead of feeling sad about the things she's saying or the sound, I pretend I'm in the 80's living my best life being a fancy and mischievous baby girl to a hot Italian man. Yes, the inside of my head is a maze. If you want me to do a mini post on the songs I listen to that help me deal with my anxiety, let me know, again, in the comment section.
 Side note: If you have that one friend that puts you on good music, call them today or give them a hug and say thank you.

4. Genuine Compliments: There's this heart warming feeling you get both from giving and recieving compliments. Its a two way thing, its so beautiful. The key is it has to be genuine. Like recently someone told me I was amazing and had the best playlist(honestly you guys, let me put you on to good music). Another said I was smart and insightful, the kind of smart that would have gotten me tagged as a witch in a past era ( dont ask me why I really liked this compliment) anyways my point is to be nice to people, especially with your words, it goes a long way.

5. Get Active: Yes!!! If you're feeling down, make something, get active. You dont need to do a DIY, or paint or make music. You can take a walk, go out for a jog. Just get active. Jump, if it helps. Jumping works wonders for me, so try it. Fight boredom by being active, when you have something doing it'll be difficult for that tired feeling to creep in and make you sad, read a book, it helps too.

BOnUS: Spirituality: Believing in God and trusting him has helped me feel better, fast! Sometimes you just need to let things you can't control into his hands and trust him. Honestly somedays I pray and I feel so overwhelmed and my insides get excited and I feel loved. Its a beautiful feeling. If you don't have an amazing relationship with your maker then work on that. Or atleast say a little prayer and you'll be on your way.
Awkward pose

Hope you found this helpful, if you want me to put you on to good music and meme accounts, let me know in the comment section. Take care of yourself, till my next post or on Twitter (follow me here) lets keep in touch and exchange ideas. Bye Lemon Squad!!!

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2 Thoughts

  1. Aww you're actually so cute! I agree, leaving things in God's hands always makes me feel better. All your points are valid, I agree with them all. Thank God for memes and funny videos to be honest. And girl, you need to share your playlist soon!xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Thank you darling💕 Memes are a God send. I will, so look out for it. Thank you for stopping by😊


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