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 *Steps unto the stage with mic in hand* *Silence* Who here has based a decision for themselves with "what will people think?" running circles in their thoughts? Who here has allowed themselves
feel bad because of what a random person said? Who here has sat down and compared their lives to someone else's whether on social media or in the physical world? Who here has felt that he/she wouldn't be able to love themselves unless there was tati billion in the account? *pause* for those of you who are not African or/and have not heard Davido's IF that Tati is actually Thirty. *back to it* Who here has not given themselves the chance to grow because of fear? Who here is afraid to walk away from toxic relationships because they were scared of being alone? Who here has stayed in a toxic relationship because they felt the person they were with was a 10 and that they were lucky to be with them? Too afraid to post a picture, send a tweet because you got scared "what will people think of me"? (Sadly, I'm holding back some pictures of mine too.)

 If you whispered "ME" to atleast two or more of these questions then listen up because this is true for everyone here including myself. You need to work on your CONFIDENCE. "I dont know how", "I've tried." ,"Not in this country", "Im waiting on my millions" here's the sitch guys, if you feel like you have to have something before you can love yourself when you do get it, you'll only want something else.Confidence is key to winning. Point blank period and everyone needs/ deserves to be confident. So join me Lemon drops on this journey aka mini series im starting, as we go from feeling bitter to feeling better. *stretches out hand* Hold my hand as we unlearn a lot of what we've been taught and prance our way to being more confident and happy with ourselves.
To start off this series here are 6 rules to building your confidence:

  • Focus on your strengths and work on them. Ignore your weaknesses, you can't help them.
  • Get to know who you are, ask yourself questions and really dig deep for those answers. Say a prayer if you will.
  • Differentiate what you do from who you are. You're job/career does not define you as an individual.
  • Find something you like to do and do it over and over again.
  • Give yourself the pep talks, dont wait on anyone.
  • Dont be ashamed when you fail but use them as steping stones towards success.

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