Think and Glow!! Develop a Positive Mindset

Currently reminiscing about the day and how good it was😊

Hey Lemon Drop, I just want to remind you that you've got this. You own your sh*t!! You's a bad ass! Dont let anyone make you feel like you aren't a bad ass. It's inside if you , your light, your glow. Live in your truth.
Change your mindset, change the way you think. Stop attaching your self worth to irrelevant things or people they don't matter.

You may feel depressed and down right now, things may not be working out the way you expected, dont let it get to you, your boy friend/ girlfriend may be acting up, your "friend" almost got you killed, your lecturer is after you, blah blah blah...dont, I repeat DONT let it get to you.

The universe works in very strange ways, sometimes you have to go through hell to grow. Keep your head up, find the things worth thriving for and grow!!!
Do not change the person you are for anybody but change your mindset, develop a growth mindset. Learn new skills, pick a fun bobby, get out of your comfort zone!! GROW and GLOW in're doing amazing sweetie😘

Sometimes I feel down, whether its because of how someone has been acting towards me or things not working out or my bank account *side eye* continuously asking me the "dont you have shame?" question with each withdrawal or purchase, you get?

I'm learning, actually I've learnt to not let trivial things get to me. Here's what I do right now and you too can try it, whenever I want to start worrying or carrying someones matter on my head. I always ask myself, "So will this put taati billion in my account?" If my answer is no, I quickly start thinking of innovative ideas,or things that will make me happy, like getting a new bag, or things that I can do that will at some point yield money for me, so that soon I can laugh to the bank.
People shading you for being ambitious, is nothing. People laughing at you because you aren't like them, is nothing. You are a gem!!
Dont forget that!!

Stay safe and remember YOU'VE GOT THIS!

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  1. One word that I took from here, don't change the person you are for anybody but change your mindset. Very powerful piece. Thank you for this.

    1. Im glad you enjoyed the post and yes changing for yourself is key👍


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