Independence on a whole 'nother level

Hey Lemon Drops!! Happy new month!! We've come this far and we are going to still go father as the year 2017 is running super fast.

Yesterday was Independence day
and also a manifestation to myself that I had somewhat achieved the first step to mental independence. For me every form of change I hope to achieve starts from my mind, mental independence is bliss, its one of the best feelings in the world because it just means that you've come to agreement with the fact that at the end of the day its only you that you've really got.

Some tips on gaining mental independence is breaking away from other people's expectations of you cus you'll end up killing yourself and how can you do that? By not giving a fuck! Lol I'm joking. I don't really have a concrete method but when I catch myself seeking validation I gently ask myself "Did God have a meeting with this person before creating me? Does this person truly understand me and my journey." These questions always help me get right on track when I'm slipping. I always have to remind myself that the only beings I should live for are God and myself. Not even my parents, which brings me to tip number 2.

Break away from Parental Power. Look, a lot of people can relate to the fact that they hardly get parental support from their parents whilst on their journey. I sometimes get that parents pretty much dont support us because they in themselves are ruled by fear. They want to make sure that we have secure jobs such as lawyers, doctors, engineers etc just because they aren't confident enough in you as their child taking risks because even they themselves are scared to the bones of risks. That's why if you look closely, parents who have amassed a great deal of money are more supportive than parents who are salary earners and the likes. Although now things are changing gradually and parents re beginning to understand that every child has a purpose and a journey that must be achieved.....this post us already becoming too long.

Stay true to your journey babes, as long as God's got you, you'll be fine ❤

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  1. Babe. I enjoyed this piece. My journey to mental freedom began at the beginning of this year because I knew I needed it and needed to be intentional about it.

    1. so proud of your growth hun💕 being intentional about a decision is the beginning of change🌻

  2. Quite correct, average parents are always afraid of their children taking risks in life. They afraid of the uncertainties that the future holds for their children. Great points Annie.


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