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Hey Lemon Drops, whats up? Its been a while since I did a #POBAL (Perks of being a Loner) write up but trust me ive been observing things and dying to put them in words. Its just sometimes, it gets difficult to actually put in words. Is it just me or have some people totally changed up the meaning of a feminist. Some people think that by being a feminist you are anti-men
. Ugh! Like when I see some "feminist" tweets that are just plain bashful to men I get angry sometimes... Like I get it men are scum but not all men are scum, you can't use the sins of a man to judge the whole lot.
News flash ladies and gents a man can be a feminist too!! Yup. Chill do these people even understand who a feminist is?
A feminist is someone who believes in the equality of women as social beings and not just baby making machines to be kept in the house to cater for your every one else's needs but theirs.
I once asked a friend if she was a feminist, you should have seen the look she gave me, "Why would I b a feminist? Abg no jor" laughed and walked away. I had to chase her down like "what? How can you say that?" Apparently she thought feminists were a group of angry women who hated men in general. I had to be like "No sis" but I knew in her mind, she practically couldn't be told otherwise. She had concluded it was final.

There are lots of other people who think the same things too and i sometimes have to tell them what a feminist is and who a feminist is.

On our class group chats one of the guys said he was a feminist and the rest of the class spoke out with some saying it was gay to be a feminist.... Laughed really hard at that one. The boy shut it down tho by telling them who a feminist is and that anyone who isnt a feminist basically agrees that his mothers should not be allowed to talk in matters concerning the family, his sisters should not be given a chance to walk around freely or get a job or partake in anything asides the household...that shut them up for a while. As you and I know there are those modern men who think like its still 1960. *eye roll*

Here's what scares basic men when it comes to feminist women, they know you wont take their nonsense and the lot of them stink of it. So its easier for them to get away with a lot of crap if she sees men as higher beings or she tells herself that "oh that's just how boys are." Trust me sis, if you can keep it in your pants, he can do the same. Especially if you support him in any way you can.

Its about time men did better and women too cus some women are scum too.
Everyone and anyone can be a feminist.
Feminists are not angry women just women who are fighting against for equal rights....simple and short.

I've heard a lot of outrageous things when it comes to feminists, I'd like to hear some of the silly things you've also heard. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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  1. Good on your friend for shutting down the people that were calling him out for being a feminist. The views on feminism on Nigerian Twitter amuse and infuriate me at the same time. The worst part is when women bash it, I'm like what're you doing? We've still got quite a long way to go when it comes to gender equality.

    I saw a tweet recently that said "Nigerian men (some, not all) only bring up/talk about feminism when it comes to who should pay for the date or if men can hit women". That made me chuckle because it's so true! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  2. Ikr!! especially on social media, people have a really messed up misconception on feminism. I get pressed sometimes. A great deal of times they only see the surface of what the feminist movement is about.
    Thank you Demi

  3. I completely agree and I'm sick of the anti-men society especially on twitter. Everyone has their own personal experiences and going ahead to bash men based on your own perspective is close minded. Sure there are men who are jerks but there are also women who are as well! It's important to build your heart to be resilient so you don't come off as bitter on social media and take feminism to mean "I hate men". Lovely post sista ❤️


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