Eri Ife's New culture Festival

By Anniedora Etiobi - 7.12.17

Happy New month!!! I pray that everyone's December is amazing. That positive plot twist will happen.
My First of December was already turnt, I went for the New Culture Festival which was also the first of its kind. Eri Ife really out did himself and deserves the most praise!!

To think that I almost missed it cus "no money" thank God for Paul Asiri who hooked me up with a ticket. I went with a friend of mine, so I wasn't alone.

We were checked in by the security at the gate then led to our seats by a beautiful usher.

Betty Von Little was on ground with cakes, smoothies and ice cream. Yo! Her chocolate cake had me in tears and in my feels, it was that good. Purple Dragon had a mini bar set up with ah-mazing drinks on deck!! I kid you not guys! House of Beda too came through with beautiful accessories and ankara books and all this activity was just to get us ready for the main event.

The show kicked off with some spoken words by Logan Febuary. Sensitive, mysterious and intriguing at the same time, messed with my mind. The hosts both looked good as they introduced themselves gave a little background story on the evolution of the event and how it came to reality. From revealing to us Eri Ife's First stage name; Cauldron. Lol.

Eri Ife's first appearance had me speechless,he came on stage wearing a black hooded cape and was accompanied by some dark instrumental and smoke. The lights were dim until he got to the main stage. He lit up my heart when he performed songs like Upside Down, Nobody(my fave), Dreamers, etc.

Eri Ife and Logan weren't the only people who performed. YMK (my boss) came on stage and did a little spoken words too; at first he pretented to have been reading his words from a book then he pauses, goes, "Ive fooled you all cus this book is actually empty." He then places the book on his head and continues to spit straight fire.
YMK was joined on stage by his little sister Kash, the duo were amazing and had me on my feet. Its a beautiful thing to see your friends on stage and in their elements,it trully is.

Also we had Gee Jokes, the youngest comedian making us laugh, B Carter serenaded us with good music, Sultan gave us good vibes, Proof dropped a couple of bars, although he didn't perform Cleopatra's Twin which is my fave off the Ep.
I wore a high waist skirt underneath

The whole event was such a fun one and I was so glad I picked myself up, cried on my WhatsApp status and was blessed with a ticket from Paul.

Disclaimer:Mind the pictures...i forgot to take pictures due to the fact  i was too excited... I'll do better next time. Also these shots were taken by Buchwithlenses.

Fun fact, I already had my outfit planned much ahead of time before I got a ticket cus I'm smart and can see the future...nah, I was just hopeful.

Are there any upcoming events you're excited to go for this December? Let me know in the comment session, I might be excited for the same show.

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