Dear Boys|| On feeling Entitled

By Anniedora Etiobi - 15.1.18

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This is the first "dear boys" this year and I am nervous for it. Anyways, here's a little something something about girls. A great deal of us
don't like to be pushed or convinced. If a girl likes you, she'll like you, regardless. Don't assume just because you've expressed your love for her, she has to reciprocate the feeling. Maybe she doesn't want a boyfriend, maybe she prefers older men, maybe she prefers white men, maybe she's a lesbian, maybe your not her type. You know, ALWAYS consider the maybes, if she doesn't like you back.

Stop feeling entitled to a woman's emotions.
I don't know what guide book that told you that if you tell a girl you like her, she MUST like you back.
Also this ignorant talk of how its all about money. "She doesn't like me back because I don't have money." With that attitude you're never going to get a girl because instead of you to check yourself you're just going to blame your single state on lack of income. If you think money is the way, that's fine but do you really want a woman who likes you because you are a walking ATM?

You think girls don't get curved by boys? Probably because these boys either had girlfriends, preferred taller girls, preferred older women, were gay,  or preferred a more quite girl, you know.

Just because I like a guy doesn't mean I'm going to hang on to him for my dear life or worse, try to convince him. I mean, I am still going to fantasise about him and screenshot every picture I see of him on the Internet? Yup! You're entitled to your thoughts babe.

But I cant force him to like me back. Nahhhh it don't work like that. Sorry!

So just listen to de women when she say no. Simple. And...and!! Don't call her a bitch because you couldn't stand rejection (you're not ten) that's a Dime piece but it's not your dime piece. Leave it alone!

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2 Thoughts

  1. LMAO @ screenshot every photo of him on the internet, I can so relate to that. Very well said babe, that feeling of entitlement that some guys have needs to GO! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Ikr😂 Im so happy you agree with me. It does need to go.
      Thnk you for your reply on this post.


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