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"Be yourself."
"Love yourself be yourself"
"Stay true to you"
"Live in your truth, you are enough"
"There's no one like you."

These are all terminologies we have gotten so used to hearing. But nobody tells you that its super hard to love one's self,
to keep reminding yourself that you are not defined your mistakes, that you are not the reason someone rejected you, that you are not your parents, your flaws, the society's problem. Its difficult to love yourself. It's difficult to not think of your flaws, to not compare yourself to other's, we've all been there.
Its damn difficult. Imagine thinking you need to be a certain way since you were young up until you turned 18 or 20 and then the same people who have told you to shape yourself in one way, say to you "oh that's not who you are. Be yourself"
I mean society will tell you to be original and the minute you are, they shoot you down. NO! Not like that.

Sometimes I find myself comparing my story to another and its such a shame but its so hard not to sometimes and I know we've read it or seen or heard how comparison can be the death of your happiness. But its so hard not to compare especially if your career sort of evolves around the internet. It's easy to get caught up and compare your numbers with another person's.

 I've learnt that I care about validation, we all do and that's that. To love who you are or at least be comfortable with who you are, you need to first develop a thick skin and ignore other peoples pov of who they think you should be. Its cool to be multi faceted, to like a lot of things, to want to be a lot of things. People always say you have to be one thing and I'm still asking for the where abouts of this  textbook that fed you this lie. This lie that you can only do one thing. They say to think outside the box but "hey!" You kinda need to stay inside the box. But think outside it. Okay?

All in all I'm trying to say that loving yourself and accepting who you are is amazing, although its hard too but its worth it and if you ever feel stuck.

Remember that when life gives you lemons you make lemonade which basically acknowledges that how you react to a situation is in your hands.

How do you feel about this post? Do you find it relatable?

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