Currently I Am || March

šŸŽ¶Currently obsessed with From Eden by HozieršŸŽ¶

My version of the currently I am tag and here's what I've been up to:

Wearing: Mostly play clothes, shorts and cami tops

Hoping: my outing plans go smoothly and my so called friends dont bail on me this time.

Determined: Stay healthy and exercise more. Already started I'm just determined to keep the consistency going.

Excited About: moving into my new place in school. Super excited to move into my own space that I dont have to share with anyone.

Happy about: The design plans I had in my head concerning my new place is slowly coming together.

Appreciating: my family and friends who put up with my annoying ass self.

Irritated by: people who make plans and cancel last minute, including myself.

Inspired by: Bloggers, Social Media Influencers and anyone making an honest living with the use of the internet.

Planning to: Binge on sooo many new movies. I'm finally going to see Black Panther...I love Chad

Loving: My body...I've been working out consistently for four weeks and two days now and people are already throwing compliments.

Unsure about: the pool party I'm hoping to have.

Reading: How to Unfuck yourself: Get out of your head and start living your life by Gary John Bishop.

Listening to: From Eden by Hozier...I still dont know how I've skipped this song till now

That is pretty much it for now!!! Happy new month babes, make march count!! How are you doing currently, let me know in the comment session.


  1. Good on you for being so consistent with your fitness, I need to be like you honestly. I've been slacking a lot this year. God I cannot wait to have a place of my own, lucky you. Good luck with your pool party and all your other plans girl! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Thank you hun!! The pool party couldn't happen again...and I'm also proud of myself for being consistent on my fitness journeyšŸ˜¹
      Thank you

  2. Moving into your own place in school is bae! I enjoy living alone although there are days when I need people around. Happy for you about the workout thingy, my time is coming lool. Happy New Month babe. xx

    1. Ikr...I'm definitely going to be having people over once in a while. Lmaoo!!! Will be waiting on you ošŸ™ŒšŸ’“šŸ’“


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