The Real Art of Embracing The Uncertain

RIP to Avicci and Thank You for sprinkling your Magic on us.

Hey there Gum ball, its my blog so whatever. I'm going to use the recent happenings to emphasise on an idea that's been in my mind for the longest time. Please do read it and share especially to your guy friends who take pride in being hoes, yoruba demon
and fuckboys
Here goes, stop building castles in the sky. That story you want to write, write it, that book you want to read, start now, the blog you want to grow, start it now. It doesn't have to be perfect just start. Stop saying to yourself in a bid to procrastinate that "at 27, I'll get a job and get this camera so I can start this."
A lot of us, myself included are hyper scared of the uncertain, tbh...its why I hardly blog as much or post as much or love as much as i should or that I want to.
We crave for certainty so much we forget life as a whole is a risk. You'll tell yourself, I don't want to get into a serious relationship until I'm 27, bruh what if you don't even see 26. Take chances with everything, if you like a girl and you know she like you, forget distance, forget being played, forget everything, in that moment y'all like each other, give it a go, you never can tell. But don't deny yourself things that will make you wonder in the uncertain future "what if?" That's the worst. I mean you went to school to get a certificate in a course you don't like just to end up pursuing a career you love and learnt about on Google. If you can do this, you can date someone or follow your dreams and see how long it goes before y'all don't fit each other anymore. Nothing is certain but you'll never know unless you give it a shot tbh. That's why you'll see some people date for 10 years nd not get married, same way some people will be together for two years or less and get married. Everyone's time is different because that's the fun and plot twist of life...its uncertain. Take that risk, there's no such thing as an L, its all a blessing, even lessons are blessings in the end. Love is real, it doesn't die, it can fade, if you don't water it. I know for a fact that even marriage isn't a guarantee just as love is more than a feeling. There are dues to be paid to keep everything going. The only certain things in this world is Life and Death. Every other thing is negotiable.

I just read this from Gabrielle Union's book *We are going to need more wine*


  Disclaimer: this post was created straight from my thoughts and is at its raw-est form. I don't know who needs to read this but the feeling came intensely that I write it down and share. Excuse how poorly executed it is.

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  1. Avicci's death is so sad, I really didn't want to believe it. You're right Anniedora, life's too short for us to not go after what we want. It's very scary to be honest but as you said, we're not certain of tomorrow. Might as well give it all we've got whilst we're still here! xx
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