5 Ways To Deal With Anxiety as a Student

There's no better way to get your heart to beat really fast or make your appear thinner than it already is than talk of a test or an examination. We've all been there when faced with examination papers and the questions are staring at you and your staring right back at it. Although you do know the answers fear can't help but creep up into your mind. "I mean come on I know this thing", "I studied last night for this."words we silently whisper to ourselves. But still you draw a Blank or minuscule points you make sense of by adding conjunctions and random words to form a sentence.

The thing is you do know the answers, you just cant just process it because of the anxiety you feel.First Of all STOP!! I know you've heard this times without number but this is that instant were you need to get out of your own way. There are simple steps to take to be that super student you can be or "at least not carry over that course" like my friend says.
  • Take a breather: Before you start to read take a short break to clear your mind of every negative vibes before you do start. Write down what you hope to achieve after your session and START!
  • Study at your own pace: Simply put: what works for another person may not or work for you. Take me for example, I read better at night time and by night time I'm talking 2am -4am with Loud rap music on full blast though my earpiece.(Thank God for that invention) and then I sleep. Reading in the day doesn't help seeing as there are a lot of distractions. Find your comfort zone and build up on it.
  • Join a study group:Sometimes even after studying and paying attention to the lecture doesn't help, you can ask a mate who understands the topic better to explain it to you. We created a study group at school and we gather together and discuss topics we aren't so clear on. You can mix an explanation that was thrown out by a mate and with what's in your notes. This has helps a lot especially when someone makes a play on words with that topic, It never leaves your memory!!
  • Watch Videos On the topic: Some people are visual learners, I have this friend who watches everything online. Do not think YouTube is just for music videos and hair tips. There are actually school related videos. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!
  • Take a BREAK: Don't forget your young and resort to a studious or die lifestyle. This is the only time you can actually have fun without feeling so guilty about it. Be a little care free before the kids come and you have to be responsible for them. Read a little and have a little fun. Create a balance. 

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