5 Ways To Build your social media stance

By Anniedora Etiobi - 30.6.16

If you're a blogger or depend on social hubs to boost your business/brand then you need to know this, how you put your work out there is how it's going to be viewed. So make sure your social pages are in tip top shape. Not sure how?...

1. Aesthetics: yes, that stupid and annoying word...again. The first time I saw this on bloggers page on how to build your followers on IG I thought "Whatever, this doesn't matter to me. I'm going to be that 1%blogger who doesn't do aesthetics." I wish I could go back and smack myself in the head. I viewed my Instagram recently and I thought to myself "If I saw this page I wouldn't follow this account." How you present yourself on social media is essential. Another reason I ignored this thought was because I didn't understand the term 'aesthetics' basically put it means 'have a theme'

2. Make Relatable posts: If your a lifestyle blogger this rule can be taken mildly. If not , you might want to turn the music down and zoom on this. If your a beauty blogger, your social pages need to project this. Its important, a beauty blogger or fashion blogger can't have the title if her IG page doesn't show it.

3.Your Bio Matters Too: Your bio plays a huge part on your social media. I used to have a simple star sign and my blog address on my IG and Twitter, I felt if people see the site they'll know immediately that I was a blogger- wrong! Recently I added blogger to my bio and my followers increased by 40%  and i got added to 5 blogger lists: melanin bloggers, The Cotswald Company, Bujo, Beauty bloggers and Lifestyle bloggers. What your bio says about you is key.

4. Stay connected: *cues in Don't be gone too long song* Always try to stay connected with people both in the blogosphere and out. By always being socially active you create a stance for yourself. Support other bloggers by following them on social media platforms. Retweet, like, comment. Show some love.

5. Know when to post: This rule doesn't necessarily apply to Twitter or Facebook, maybe It does but it's more applicable to Instagram. Its important you know when to post. That doesn't mean I wont post because of the time frame isn't right but if I have an important post I’ll definitely wait until the late afternoon or evening, lets face it most people aren’t using social media at work/school so hit them in the evening! Or weekends.

I hope these tips help you the way they've helped and still are helping me build your social media stance.

I'd love to hear your tips if you have any?

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