Dealing With LSE

By Anniedora Etiobi - 30.6.16


Dealing with LSE is pretty much feels like having a crush on yourself and not being sure if you like yourself back. Here's the sitch; I'm 5'3 arguably a 5'2 if I'm being realistic, I'm super tiny for my age like I don't look anything like someone my age should and this although shouldn't bother me it does.

The worst part is my friends are like super hot and tall which leaves me feeling like the duff of the group and being the over energetic/enthusiastic one to create a balance. I'm sorry, I need attention*sigh*. Being a duff is wierd, you keep telling yourself one day you'll smile/pout and look ah-mazing! Till then I guess. But its not all sour I'm the wierd one which is cool so no one gets bored when I'm around, I'm quite smart so I give perfect advice and I don't know how to settle. Uhm.. What other good traits do I have, I'm actually really sensitive like I'll cry just because, I look 15, think 27, act 13, I'm what you refer to as a parody of myself. Lol I guess I'm what you would define as 'more that meets the eye' See I'm philosophical too. Lmao I'm getting wierd again.

I guess there's one way to deal with LSE by reminding yourself all those cool traits you possess.#Okbye

PS LSE means Low Self Esteem and don't pretend like you've never been there, it will eventually pass I'm just one of those slow life journey travelers.
What's the wierdest thing you've felt awkward about?

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  1. Having a crush on yo��������������

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