A Simple Guide on How to be/Stay Positive

By Anniedora Etiobi - 22.8.16

Before we start I'm going to tell you about me for a minute. I used to 
have a negative mindset, it was horrible! I couldn't venture any new opportunities without listing out how it would never work. I always thought of the "cannot, if not, I can't" before anything else. I used to think of how it was someone elses fault that a situation went the way it did. I would scream and was defensive towards everyone. My

negativity was everywhere, in the kind of music I listened to, my writing, the movies I watched. It wasn't until two years ago I started to realise my negativity wasn't taking me anywhere and I had to switch it up to positivity. Trust me when I say its worked wonders for me. I still face disappoinments but it's easier with a light heart 

How is positivity going to help me you may ask? The mind, better still your mind is the most powerful thing you possess. Think back to a day you woke up feeling sad and angtsy, how did that day go? Be honest, it wasn't your best, was it? When you tell yourself you can't perform a particular task, your mind believes it and then your body, you try to do said task and its difficult. 

If you're still reading your thinking to yourself "How can I go about this positivity thing?" 
The best part is we all have the ability to think positively, *Everyone starts dancing the bata dance* we just don't know how to activate it. 

How to create a positive mindset.
Think what if: concentrate on the outcome of a positive outcome.

Let it go: whose heard Passenger's "let it go" if even after your expected outcome doesn't work out how you want it to, let it go. Disappointments happen but are better taken with a light heart than a heavy one.

Educate your mind! Remember, it's better to be happy than sad. Now turn that frown upside dow.

I hope you found this post helpful? 
Last post I asked a question, does any one have an idea what I mean?

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