Dear Boys, Lesson 1|| 5 Ways to Win a Girl Over||

By Anniedora Etiobi - 26.8.16

I was going to start with my usual preambles but I'm not sure if you guys care to listen.. If your reading this it means you want to get better at getting girls, you want a little insight into the world of girls and how to manoeuvre like a pro.
Before we get into this, these guidelines will not work if all you want is a one night thing (unless she likes your face or just wants something physical) these guidelines will work more efficiently if you truly hope to better yourself and if you want an overall beautiful girl.
I'll be sharing the first most important five rules centred on approaching a girl. If I get a positive feedback concerning this post I'll post another one next week.

The Guidelines
1.Confidence: I'm going to place a lot of emphasis on this more than anything. CONFIDENCE IS SEXY!!! You can get far with any girl the minute your confident in yourself but avoid being a cocky prick (bad boys end up alone and with an empty feeling) Speak up when you talk to her, it's so much more effective when you walk up to a girl or be creative. Ask a female friend of yours to introduce you, make sure she doesn't cry love to the girl you want to talk to. (I'll tell you why later)
If you're wondering to yourself about the whole confidence thing I can do a post on it if you'd like (comment below)

2. First Impressions can make or break you: If you're not sure what to say just yet ,start by smiling, no matter how awkward you think you will look. Here's what a smile will do, it will get her to smile too, it will act as an ice breaker, she will ask you why you are smiling and you can start up a conversation based on that smile and move from there. Say something corny like how your not use to a approaching girls but you just had to talk to her. Then ask her name make sure the conversation leaves a mark so she'll ask for your number or ask for her social media. If your brave ask for a number. (If you want a post on how to have conversations with girls comment below)
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3. Just listen. Here's a secret to this listening thing and it's also relative to the second rule. Allow her to talk more, truth is girls like to talk. Ask her about her family, about school, her classes and listen so you can tell what type of person she is. See girls in universities are bored, so if you notice a boring pattern in your chats, switch it up. Ask about her friends, or be friends with them too. Pay attention to what she says, you may see this as a difficult task but just hold on to the important ones, her little brother's name, her favourite sibling things like that. You can ask what she likes to do or the kind of music she likes. Ask enough questions until you can find a common ground (something you both like)
Ps don't just be asking questions, talk about yourself too.

4. Have some manners; if anything gets me more excited about a boy, it's his mannerism. Chivalry they say is dead. Its not and will get you in any girls good books faster than you can say Pizza! If she's with her friends say hello to them before you talk to just her. Homey if she's with just one friend find a way to involve that friend in the conversation, not only will you get five stars in her book, her friend will come to appreciate you, nobody likes to be left out. Just saying though (If you need tips on manners comment below)

5. Cliché much; This one goes out to all those boys that mysteriously appear on whatsapp or BBM and when you ask how they got your pin/number they give one silly comment. Dear boys, you're going to need to do better than the classic "I've seen you before line or the " I stole your number from friend mungo park's phone" "Or the one where you review your Cv to me." "Or the I will like for us to make friendship." Even if you stole my number, its smarter to say that your old contacts got lost and you saw this number on your phone but make sure you refer back to rule number 2.
Ps. Look after yourself, when you approach a girl, you don't want to be smelling like a two weeks old socks. Nobody needs that.

That's all for the first five important tips to take. There are still more ways to get a girls attention and get her to want you.
If you think these rules were applicable to you and want me to do a follow up post just ask in the comment box, alright?
Will you like to see more of this type of post on my blog?

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