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By Anniedora Etiobi - 16.8.16

Right now I'm recuperating from a sore throat, this always happens to me the minute I'm in school. I'm also meant to be heading to my department to check my time table. I'll go later in tge day, right now I cant even...*insert eye roll emoji*

I've been itching to write this post for the longest time. It's a birthday shoutout to my number one G, my first love, my motivation to keep moving, My realest babe, My bestie!!

My Mom.

My Mom is the coolest person alive, this is why I rarely introduce her to my friends, they always end up preferring her to myself because of how much of a bore I am. We weren't always this close tho, but by the time I turned 14 we just started vibing. I started to tell her things and the best part is she gives amazing feedbacks- no judgment.
My mom encourages me to push myself, for some reason she thins I'm this super human, which I'm not. I worry sometimes that i might disappoint her.

Although I appreciate the way she pushes me and wants me to be a better version of herself, she doesn't know what she's doing to me. My mom is too much woman for me, trying to be like her or even better is suicidal- I've tried. I'm trying to be me now and better myself. Like seriously how can I compete, this woman has got her life under as much control as she gives herself credit for.

"You desperately want to look like her, you look nothing like your mother, "yada yada irrelevant stuff* your mother is a woman and women like her cannot be contained."

What do I love about my mom? Everything, the way she calls me nne when one of my brothers annoy me and she tries to convince me to ignore them and be cheerful, the way she says "my beautiful smallie" and waits for me to hide my face and smile so she can tease the living daylight out of me or the way she asks me if any boys have started to wink my way(one of our wierd but mind blowing conversations)
Before you hop on the envy train, we also have our nasty moments, like when I forget to do something I should have done before hand. Or like when she makes assumptions about me or asks me to try to be like someone else. (Like please I'm still trying to arrange my scattered brain and understand myself and you want me to re-program myself to someone else's) "it don't work like that when you love somebody" in Drake's voice.

I especially love the way she allows me to be myself. My mom used to be a typical African parent but with time she started to calm down and try to understand us. I guess she just realized how much different we are now to how we were as little'uns. I mean guys, I can sit and talk about relationship goals with my mom, business, my up and down spiritual life without her giving me any negative judgment. She does insert those typical sniddy comments "What about you?" "Try to be doing small shakara now, you're fine enough" but gives amazing constructive criticism. I once told someone if I had any other mom I'd probably be sad and angry at the world, but thank God for her!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!!! GO OUT AND SLAY(I know she'll call to ask what slay means lol) GO TO LUNCH, GO TO THE MARKET AND SHOP TILL YOUR TIRED(eh! I didn't even tell you about my mom's favorite place on earth, the market, by market I mean Balogun, Yaba, Mile 2/12, whichever. She also likes mall but she appreciates the chaotic ones better bexause of how you can bargain and gets one thing for half the price and of good quality. My mom can bargain for Africa-still waiting for my bargaining skills to pop! My mom knows just where to go to get the best discount on things be it bags, shoes, clothes.) ALRIGHT I THINK YOU ALL GET THE POINT.


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  1. Dora your mum is a great woman I can testify to that, loving and caring. I can remember when I visited some years ago then u were still a 'baby (clears throat) she was so welcoming , she wants the best for everybody . I really miss and I love her . Happy birthday once more to my darling second mum

    1. Lol Aww thanks for the comment. So happy you could check it out☺


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