Learning to overcome my Anxiety||#POBAL4

By Anniedora Etiobi - 2.9.16

Hey Lovely people of the internet!! I just thought to let you know that we create our paths through the decisions we take or chances/risks.

I'm one of those teens who think they can handle it all without help, (blame my paranoia) I've never liked to
feel in dept to someone just because but I'm learning now, YOU DO NEED PEOPLE!! If I don't know something I'll try to teach myself through the help of google (a site for proud people who can't ask for help) if after that I don't get it, its on to the next thing.
Back in the days I could get away with this attitude but I'm beginning to see the side effects and I'm realizing that I need to learn to let people in and that it's okay to ask for help.

While watching Wild Child I realized that there are two ways to address a situation; you can either be better or bitter at it. 

For me right now University is so weird but at the end of the day it boils down to you and I know I neglected my department because I felt if I ignored it time would pass by quickly to second semester when I can change to another department. I've realized now how much of a silly idea that was and this is also me putting this out there that I'm going to put in my absolute beat in second semester. I think Seun is right and I do tend to downplay myself. 

If you're going through an unfavorable situation and you feel like you can't do it hunny, that's you being a chicken like me and trying not to be committed so as to avoid disappointment. Truth is you'll be fine all you need to do is make the best out of what you have while still waiting for better to come. In the words of Brownie "Don't be Bitter, Be Better"

Sometimes we may feel lost and confused but its essential to realize that it's okay to feel lost sometimes as long as you don't stay lost, guard your mind and develop it, keep your God close to your heart. Grow from what you go through. #OkBye

 Have you ever felt confused about a situation and how did you rise above it or what are you doing to rise above it. Please let me know in the comment box below how you overcame so I can know what steps to take.


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